Spa Consultant


Fase I :
- Site Review & Analysis
- Review plans with architect/project team
- Area zoning/preliminary layout
- Preliminary Spa Layout
- Detailed Spa Layout and presentation of Guest & Service flow.
- Development of the Spa Unique Positioning and Operational Philosophy. Where master concept and branding are provided by owning company, consultant will adapt     to location
- Identify Revenue and Profit Streams 3 year projection (including payroll expenses and staff forecasting)
- Mood and Inspirational images to illustrate spa design & concept,
- Develop Spa Menu and Signature Treatments
- Prepare Preliminary Spa Equipment List

Fase II
- Spa Therapy custom Formulation of Spa Operational and Retail Products: Product knowledge, Retail development, Selling techniques
- Staff Recruitment
- Payroll expenses and staffing forecasts
- Assistance in recruitment and selection
- Spa Treatment Training and Product Development
- Operational Training – Practical Sessions
- Assist in setting up Spa Operational and Training manuals
- Sales
- Marketing
- Provide 2 weeks pre-opening set-up and implementation assistance. All facilities on site should be completed and all operating equipment and supplies are available     for use during the simulation
- Post opening assessment

Our Staff Profile:

Throughout her 9 productive years of hospitality career, especially in Spa Industry, she has and had held numerous of sales, marketing and operational positions for branded Spas in Bali and in Jakarta; setting-up, starting-up, managing and operating the Spas, to name a few: Espace – Managed by Manori Spa in Bali, Bali VIP Spa Services in Bali, Om Healthcare Center & Spa in Jakarta, and JAMU Traditional Spa & JAMU Spa School in Bali and Jakarta.

Universitas Pendidikan Nasional, Bali, Indonesia
Majoring in Civil Engineering
Operation Manager
June 2009 – June 2011

For Corporate Office PT. PUTRINDO EMPAT LESTARI (PEL) who manages:
1. 4 spas of Jamu Traditional Spa. (
2. Jamu Spa School (
3. Spa Set up and Consultation and Spa Management services
4. Jamu Spa products and merchandise

- Day to day operation for the corporate on the Spas, Spa School and administrative office
- Develop products on Spa Treatments and Spa Services; i.e Spa Onboard; Spa Party and Spa ON call
- Develop Spa School curriculum and courses and research for techniques implementations.
- Develop market share as business plan.
- Develop Research for Spa Management Inquiries.

Spa Consultant for the spa setup
Om Healthcare Centre & Spa,
Apartment Brawijaya - Jakarta Selatan
April 2008 – Dec 2008

Area of work:

- set up in-house spa (business & budget plan, financial report, feasibility study, market share input)
- staff recruitment
- staff training
- operation and administration setup
- sales & marketing strategy setup and implementation

Spa Consultant for the mobile spa setup
BaliVip Mobile Spa , Sanur Bali

Jan 2008 – April 2008

Area of work:
- set up mobile spa (business & budget plan, financial report, feasibility study, market share input)
- staff recruitment
- staff training
- operation and administration setup
- sales & marketing strategy setup and implementation

Marketing Manager & Quality Control
Espace Spa & Manori Spa, Seminyak, Bali
Oct 2005 - Oct 2007

Area of Wok:
- manage the day to day operation of spa in-house department and on call department
- supervise logistic and supplies and its procedures
- manage reservation department and monitor in-house and on-call treatments
- manage readiness of all equipments and therapist for all season, by coordinating shift schedule between spa therapist and all vendors to ensure timely delivery       according to standard requirement
- perform routine maintenance for supplies and equipment to match the quality standard
- train and continually refresh and control all treatments procedures from time to time
- initiate marketing and communication program to maximize capacities of the in-house and on-call spa service
- initiate new program/idea to develop public awareness of the company
- manage business relations to agent and clients

- develop and maintain company’s service quality and standard
- maintain client satisfaction
- developing, increasing and maintain number of clientele

Site & Administration Coordinator
PT. Putra Gama, (Civil Construction & Environment Consultant), Denpasar, Bali Work field
- perform site inspection from time to time
- establish minimal critical time for all production process
- coordinate project works with site manager and vendors
- formulate, implement, supervise and monitor standard qualities, service and performance to meet clients satisfaction.

Spa Set up
1. Shanti Residences Spa Set up Room, Bali
2. Villa Indah Manis Spa Set Up Room, Bali
3. Bali Vip spa service; set up spa on the go, Bali
4. Om Spa Health Center; Spa Set Up, Jakarta
5. Keraton day Spa, Spa set up & Operate, Bali
6. Rinjani Spa, Spa Set Up, Lombok


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