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ZEN Family Spa & Reflexology was founded in 2008. Located in the heart of Bandung, Jakarta and Bali, our upscale spa is a special retreat where you will feel at home the moment you walk in the door. ZEN has been formed for the purpose of managing family spa outlet. We observed its explosive growth but noted that there were no recognizable national brands.

Our vision is to create a luxury brand which strives to achieve consistent quality and an ability to get affordable spa services under one roof. Inspired by ancient meditation wisdom, ZEN believes that a spa unfolds every living moment to the fullest. Zen is a way of being. It also is a absolute peace of mind.

Secluded Relaxation Massage (Balinese Massage)
This refreshing massage treatment uses aromatic oils and a relaxing water flow massage technique that vitalize long strokes, skin rolling, thumb and palm pressure to relieve stress, stimulate the senses and recharge your body, mind and spirit.

The Royal Touch
Spoil your body of head to toe treatment. It pays attention to neglected area of the body that are in need of special care. Each massage is innovative and rhythmic. Influenced by yoga, the stretches release back tension gently and slowly. We are proud to offer this massage.

Oil Free Massage
Experience an oil free massage, without oil-used, our special treatment created exclusively to relieve tension and tiredness of your body’s inner energy with thumb and palm pressure. A completely theraphy where mind, body and spirit are treated simultaneously, awakens self-healing abilities, profoundly relaxing and uplifting one’s spirits.

Boreh Bali
Feel the touch of Balinese massage ritual, combined with an exotic blend of Boreh scrub from plants, roots and leaves that increases blood circulation and lymph flow, and reduces several cold symptoms.

Hot Stone Massage
This natural therapy uses warmed stones placed in certain points of your body, and combined with deep tissue massage. Soothe muscles, melts away tension, increasing blood circulation, eases muscles stiffness with this popular spa treatment.

Face Therapy Massage
Experience a deep relaxing pressure point facial massage that balance and re-energize your body, spirit and mind ritual. This holistic facial is designed to dramatically improve skin against the demanding conditions of time, climate and lifestyle.

Zensation Thai Massage
An unique Thai style techniques using passive stretching, acupressure and yoga influence movement to improves flexibility, reduces tension and balances the body’s energy system. It’s oil free massage.

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