Saturday, July 20, 2019

Prana Spa - Best Spa at Seminyak


One of the largest spas on the island of Bali, Prana, unlike any other, has been designed with a strong influence of Indian & Middle Eastern exotic architecture. Enjoy the rituals of ancient kings and queens as you journey through Prana’s sacred Eastern traditions of health and beauty.

Inspired by the legendary Moguls of Rajasthan, the designers of Prana Spa sought to blend Indian Palatial complexity with Moroccan rustic simplicity. Whether under a tented ceiling or an elaborate hand painted canvas, our exquisite treatment rooms are the perfect space to relax completely under the expertly trained hands of your therapist. Allow daily concerns to take a back seat as you claim time to attend to your wellness.

A decor inspired by the legendary Moguls of Rajistan ushers you into a world of divine opulence. As you enter our lofty courtyard, the full meaning of Prana will be revealed to those in search of something different and profound. A relaxed yet strangely exotic atmosphere is before you.

Prana Spa itself is a bewildering riot of colours combined into the traditional decor of Islamic arches and corridors; an amazing fantasy world to fulfil your dreams of exotic pampering by our skilled Balinese therapists.

With a luxurious decor inspired by the Palaces of Rajasthan, India, Prana Spa provides authentic Ayur-Vedic, Indonesian Jamu, and conventional beauty treatments, using the finest-quality, natural products and offered with the highest standards of comfort and hygiene. It is truly one of the unique spas of the world, in which hand-picked furnishings, including beautiful carpets, mosaics, carved wooden doors and Indian silk paintings replicate the intricate details and facets of a 16th century Raja’s palace.

The Sanskrit word Prana refers to the vital force of life, and everything about Prana Spa has been designed to provide guests with a gentle, restorative experience, tailor-made to their individual requirements and needs. Our spa therapists are trained to international standards, and on-going training ensures that guests enjoy standards of professionalism found only at a handful of top spas in Asia. 

As one enters Prana, one is immediately surrounded by restorative sounds and scents within an energizing environment of vibrant designs and colours, which will inspire a new strength within those who experience them. It is a virtual universe of visual delights, where the guest can take refuge from the cares and worries of modern life.

The spacious 1,300 square metre Spa provides a comprehensive range of facilities: 24 massage rooms (single and double), hot and cold plunge pools, 4 rain shower massage rooms, 2 saunas and 3 steam rooms, as well as separate areas for reflexology and beauty treatments. After your treatment, relax with a cup of herbal tea in the lush, central courtyard garden filled with palms and bougainvilleas, or dine at the Prana Restaurant which offers organic Ayur-Vedic and Indian food options. Afterwards, browse Prana’s exclusive boutique with its collection of fine artworks from around Asia.

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