Saturday, May 4, 2019

Ratus Treatment By Lluvia Spa Sunset Road

Ratus is a V Spa treatment that has been well known as the secret of Java Princess. Ratus powder is made from the mixture of green tea, patchouli, vetiver and others Indonesia herbs. It is reputed to cleanse the female genitale, remove unpleasant odors and improve blood circulation.

Ratus or fogging, which is said to have a number of benefits, such as reducing itchiness caused by a yeast infection and improve smell in the vaginal area. For the fogging procedure, patients are made to sit on a chair with a big hole. Underneath the chair is a clay pot with heated charcoals sprinkled with the ratus powder, which is made of various herbs. 

The patient is asked to wear a special robe that covers the whole chair while she is seated. This is so that the fragrant smoke can go straight to the vagina and therefore the fragrance is well spread down there.

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