Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Mangosteen Treatment by Suma Spa

IDR 1,905,000 - 2 hours 30 minutes
To retain high moisture levels in the skin

This treatment uses deeply moisturizing body scrub and cream with mangosteen that provides essential nutrients and nourishment for skin. Throughout your bathing experiences, a hydrating and moisturizing cocoa leaves the skin deeply hydrated, supple, glow and rejuvenated.

Zen Bali Ritual 10 min Mangosteen ‘Glowing’ Body scrub 45 min Zen Healing Massage 60 min Cocoa ‘Nourishing’ Bath 30 min Mangosteen ‘Glowing’ Body Cream 5 min Zen Tea-Ginger Honey

IDR 1,620,000 - 2 hours
To restore and detoxify skin

A detoxifying solution that cleanses your body and restores your skin. Mangosteen scrub delivers powerful plant essence deep into skin. It contains Xanthone with anti-oxidant properties to stimulate circulation and restore radiance and balance to skin.

Zen Bali Ritual 10 min Mangosteen ’Detox Skin’ Body Scrub 45 min Zen Healing Massage 60 min Mangosteen ‘Nourishing’ Body Cream 5 min Zen Tea-Ginger Honey

IDR 1,980,000 - 3 hours.
Get rid of cellulite and unwanted fats for contoured shapely body

This treatment uses anti-cellulite coffee scrub to help removing the liquid and toxin. It also uses highly nourishing anti-cellulite toning masker that contains mangosteen and coffee to firm, tone and keep contoured shapely body.

Zen Bali Ritual 10 min Coffee ‘Anti Cellulite’ Scrub 40 min Anti Cellulite Massage 90 min Coffee-Mangosteen ‘Anti Cellulite’ Toning Masker 30 min Mangosteen ‘Anti Cellulite’ Toning Cream 10 min Zen Detox Tea

IDR 810,000 - 1 hour 15 minutes
A radiant and bright youthful on your outer physique as a result of face accupoint and face lymphatic techniques. A complete facial rejuvenation process that yields freely breathing skin.

IDR 2,160,000 - 3 hours 30 minutes
To promote enriching and beautifying moments for Youthful and Glowing

Beauty with a conscience means being aware of the ingredients exposed to your skin. Mangosteen and cocoa are two examples of amazing ingredient that could restore a healthy balance to your skin. This treatment will improve overall appearance of your body, mind and soul. It also helps to relieve any tension and encourage deep relaxation. It is ideal to illuminate your beauty from inside-out

Zen Bali Ritual 10 min Mangosteen ‘Glowing’ Body scrub 30 min Zen Healing Massage 60 min Mangosteen-Cocoa ‘Enriching’ Body Mask 30 min Cocoa ‘Moisturized & Glowing’ Bath 30 min Mangosteen ‘Youthful & Glowing’ Facial 45 min Mangosteen ‘Nourishing’ Body Cream 5 min Zen Tea-Ginger Honey.

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