Friday, March 15, 2019

Taman Air Spa, Kuta Luxury Spa

Holy water or Tirta has three main functions in Bali: cleansing, creating and protecting. Based on this belief, Taman Air Spa created a space to deliver spa services by incorporating all the best things in nature as a holistic approach to heal the mind, body and soul.

Every therapist at our spa center is experienced and has undergone 600 hours of training that continuously done to sharpen their massaging skill and products knowledge. They will address every aspect of your need in restoring your liveliness.

The therapists at Taman Air Spa, Bali live in a surrounding where spiritual life is important. In those same hands which they use to pray, we believe that they are full of positive energy and channel it to the individual that they touch, helping you to regain and restore your energy.

Nature way to beauty….. Purity! It is our secret ingredient.

Our secret is in pure natural ingredient. We believe in forces of nature, thus each content of Taman Air Spa products uses only pure natural organic ingredients that are suitable for any skin types – no-animal content, no-artificial colors, no-paraffin, no-petrolium oil and alkaline free.

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