Friday, February 16, 2018

Using Meditation To Increase Productivity

The concept of meditation has become more and more common in our everyday, due to being popularised by bloggers, social media influencers, and even celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, they all have found that meditation can help with their problems, whatever they may be. We hear people speak about how meditation has helped their anxiety, sleeping issues, anger management, and even how meditation has helped to increase their productivity at work. But what does meditation actually do to your mental and physical state, and why do so many people stand by meditation to increase productivity? 

The Definition of Meditation
To start off, meditation must be defined. Today, the word ‘meditation’ has been loosely used and has left many confused as to what it actually means. Some think meditation is daydreaming, while others think it is concentrating. To make things clear, meditation is a technique of resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness, by focusing on one single point of reference. By doing this, the person practicing meditation will be experiencing the center of consciousness within, so to speak.

Now that the word ‘meditation’ has been defined, we can move on to the second question, why do so many people stand by using meditation to increase productivity?

Using Meditation to Increase Productivity
Being able to meditate, means being able to set everything aside, merely just to focus. Many people all over the world use many different techniques of meditation to increase productivity. Here are a few points we’d like to share about how you can benefit from using meditation to increase productivity:

The ability to focus will allow you to accomplish more because distractions will be more easily tuned out. The calmness derived from meditation helps to remove stress from your thoughts, therefore your creativity and critical thinking will be sparked and triggered to produce innovation and solve problems. Meditation masters your ability to focus on one thing at a time, your attention won’t be scattered, you will be able to systematically go through your tasks for the day in a much calmer manner. You will eventually learn to stop procrastination. You learn to prioritise tasks, and break free from any time-wasting activities

As all of us here at Jamu Spa School are going through days full of learning and practicing new massage and spa methods. Meditation can come in handy, not only to help with productivity throughout the day, but also to keep the positive and creative juices flowing.

Have you ever had personal experience in using meditation to increase productivity? Let us know how you’ve benefited from this simple yet effective method in the comments below!

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