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Taksu, The Secret Of The Balinese Healers

How do You Gain Benefits from It? What is Taksu?
bali-taksu3Taksu is one word that wields high respect in Balinese culture. It is hard to find an adequate English translation for the word taksu. Some call it charisma, others call it spiritual power. The concept of taksuis something that is commonly accepted in the Balinese culture, however just like the concept of love, it cannot be measured or weighed in an empirical realm. A dancer with taksu capture the eyes of the audience, a Balianwithtaksuheal his/her patients with mysterious power, a speaker with taksu become fascinating and inspirational.

If you go to any traditional healers in Bali, you will want to go to someone who possess high taksu. The higher the taksu possessed, the better the healer and his healing power is. As a masseus and a healer, especially if you are practicing traditional healing treatments such as Traditional Balinese Massage, you will need to work to improving your taksuso that you can deliver the most effective and healing spa treatment.

What Can Taksu Do for You as a Healer?
Having a taksu makes you stand out from the ordinary people and helps you to deliver the most effective treatment for your clients. Taksu fills the person with confidence and charisma. These are what taksu do for you:

Taksu brings a qualitatively different feelings and confidence. When taksu is present, you feel calm, makes no mistake or error and speaks fluidly. Taksuhelps you to recognise ailments of clients. With many traditional Balinese healers, taksu also brings knowledge and insight on how to heal the ailments. Taksuenriches your spirituality, bring attentiveness to the physical motions of the body, thus results in deeper connection you’re your clients. Taksuhelps you improving your healing skill and make your body more attentive to your clients so that you can help your clients better.
Harnessing the Healing Power Within Taksu, as mentioned by WayanYendra, a traditional Balinese healer- quoted in Swanson’s study (2011) -is something that all humans are born with and it emerges from diligent spiritual practice. It can come to anyone who is honest and forthright in his or her efforts to realize it.

One way to cultivate your taksu is by strengthening your inner strength through various methods of meditation. Why meditation? Meditation is one of the central practices that increases one’s taksu’saura. It strengthens one’s aura, gradually creating a better person.

A traditional Balinese healer or balian practices meditation extensively. A Balianmeditates through all activities he does and concentrates on all activities, be it showering, eating, talking, etc. Such constancy makes all the activities of life worthy of complete mindfulness.

Leonard Swanson who conducted a study on taksu on five different spiritual mastersin Bali,including a traditional healer, described several meditations used but the simplest and most widely recommended being focus upon the breath in a relaxed, seated posture. According to those experts, honest constant practice of such will lead to the mysterious charismatic aura of Balinese Taksu.

As a healer whom will have different appointments throughout the day and interact with many different people with their different mood and energy, it is very important to keep your own energy and aura pure so that that the healing can be channelled through you. As physical activity such as delivering the massage treatment reduces the prana or energy in the body, meditation invites the prana back into your body.

It is very important to you to be diligent and pure in your practice if you wish to access the charismatic Taksu aura. A simple thing to do is to find time in your daily schedule or even in between treatment to sit upright and breath carefully. The pleasure may not be immediate, but trusting in the process and sinking into emptiness will lead to unfathomable results of peace and well-being, a sense of a calm, balanced frame of mind that you would like to radiate to your clients.

If you have any experiences you would like to share with us, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me if you have any questions.

By :
Ayu Puspita Dewi
Director of Jamu Spa School

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