Saturday, February 17, 2018

3 Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

The history of deep tissue massage dates back to ancient Egyptian times, but its modern history has been traced back to the mid-19th century in Canada, where deep tissue massage has been used to treat soft tissue injuries and chronic pain.

The main benefits of deep tissue massage are to break down adhesions, caused by rigid tissue in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. If these adhesions are not treated, they can cause pain, inflammation, affect blood circulation, and limit movement or flexibility. That’s why we commonly see deep tissue massages being performed on athletes.

Although a big part of deep tissue massage is to treat adhesions, this massage can also be used for milder uses, and can be applicable on anybody. Here we’ll explain the more general benefits of deep tissue massage, and why anybody can try this treatment, whether it’s for sports-related ailments, to improve your blood pressure, or maybe even to relieve your stress, the benefits of deep tissue massage are undeniable.

1. Improve Blood Circulation
Poor blood circulation can be seen through many different symptoms, some even as small as cold hands and feet, aching joints, or even just fatigue. Deep tissue massage can help with blood circulation because the pressure applied to and around problem areas will break through clogging formed by blood, to release old blood, and at the same time will bring in new blood to flow through. Going through these pressure points thoroughly will also trigger muscles to release lactic acid, and allow the lymph fluid to flow away from muscles and organs while carrying away metabolic waste.

2. Stress Relief
Those who suffer from chronic stress are not stranger to the idea of tight muscles, headaches or migraines, and tension. A good session of deep tissue massage will be able to ease that tension away. If stress is a regular part of your day, you might have to schedule deep tissue massage regularly, but with the right treatment overtime, you will require less and less appointments. Relax and take in the subtle pressure, and you’ll walk out feeling lighter, and ready to face a new day.

3. Deep Tissue Massage to ease pain
Though deep tissue massage is typically known for being painful, one of its main benefits is to ease pain itself. Pain caused by injuries or conditions such as injured muscles due to excessive sports, fibromyalgia and pain in the lower back can be treated by deep tissue massage overtime.

From stiffness to muscle spasms and strain injuries, when done right, deep tissue massage can be very beneficial to the client or patient. Massage alone is known to bring relaxation and relief, though deep tissue massage requires more pressure and an intense touch, the benefits are undoubtedly definite. 

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