Monday, February 22, 2016

Taman Air Favorite Spa in Kuta

TAMAN AIR SPA & SELFPAMPERING - Luxury Spa at Sunset Road Kuta Bali 

Get ready to be enthralled inside a captivating and revitalizing spa sanctuary. Immerse yourself in the divine setting of Taman Air Spa Bali and allow your body, mind and soul sense a haven of tranquility. Drift away to the gentle sound of nature amidst the urban lifestyle and feel the calm surrounding atmosphere.

Taman Air Spa Bali delivers a memorable journey through warm hospitality, certified spa therapists, an architectural design perfection that flirts with your senses and spa treatments that takes your body, mind and soul to pure serenity.

The spa offers natural products from the ocean and organic ingredients from the earth, all of which have many benefits for our bodies and skin. At Taman Air Spa Bali, you will be pampered with amazing treatments such as our signature Ocean Odyssey and Taman Air Royal Ritual - both using seaweed base products - or ignite you and your couple’s romantic senses with our signature couple’s massage, Royalty Romance.

Whether it’s to emerge fit, serene or rejuvenated, Taman Air Spa Bali is an escape of rediscovering the harmony in you.