Monday, December 7, 2015

Unagi Spa & Wellness Centre

Welcome To UNAGI SPA & WELLNESS CENTRE - Translated as a Symbol of Calm Mind, Traditional and Modern Spa in Bali

Bird song, the smooth rippling sound of the wind in the suburb of Bali, and gentle breezes dancing through the leaves of palm trees provide the sublime soundtrack to Unagi Spa & Wellness Center. Opened in October 2015, the Spa features 20 all Suite’s treatment rooms set in lush greenery garden, providing a setting that matches the symbatic pleasure of the treatment offered within. Unagi Spa & Wellness Center translated as a symbol of calm mind, traditional and modern (East meet west) holistic, sacred, soft of sound, soft of touch, which captures the tactile oasis that will be offered within. For both man and woman who want to regain perfect physical shape and to release tensions.

Unagi Spa& Wellness Center addressed all five senses of Spa
Sense of sight upon entering the Center
Sense of smell through signature aromatherapy.
Sense of hearing through music therapy relaxation.
Sense of touch through hands and fingers of talented and well trained Spa artisan.
Sense of taste through natural herbal spa products, spices, and herbal drink.

Upon entering the luxury unique lobby, water pond and stone accents capture the essence of island of Bali. Treatment room feature modern and elegant architecture which individual Air Conditioner and music control. Hot and cold water, steam, Aquatonic Pool and Unagi Café’s can be experienced during the treatment session. It is designed as a sanctuary for weary travelers, stressed professionals or loving couples where they can rejuvenate body and soul through proven healing Massage, Body treatment, Yoga classes, Gym work out and beauty treatment. Burning scented oils, gentle rhythmic music and lush greenery immerse guest’s senses when in the spa.

Amenities :
20 all suite Couple treatment room, each with own shower and baths.
Facial room can be modified for massage room.
Steam & Sauna room.
Retail shop located at Spa reception and a long the corridor.
Aquatonic Pool
Relaxation lounge
Refreshing lounge
Yoga room
Guest locker
Unagi Café
Shuttle Service.

A Warm Welcome
Retreat to a paradise island of the Gods minutes away, but worlds from cityscape and hurried traffic. Nestled in beautiful tropical greenery of East Seminyak, a brand new 2500 square meter haven devoted to the art of rejuvenation. Unagi Spa & Wellness center, promising a blend of indoor pampering which draw on the healing powers of nature. Among immaculately manicured lawns and elegantly landscaped gardens, you will find invigorating Spa and wellness Center with Aquatonic pool in a perfect balance set up in an intricate Minimalist design of twist and turn to relax body and mind. By harnessing all the natural goodness from the earth and infusing it with life giving waters, we have created the purest retreat of wellbeing and rejuvenation. We invite you to relax, indulge and enjoy.

The lush green sights
Unagi Spa and Wellness Center lies within the grounds of a new destination sanctuary, Surrounded by 4000 square meter of tropical greenery, close by Seminyak, Kuta and City Center of Denpasar shopping area with beautiful view s of Bali.

What better way to relax and reward yourself after a busy day. Return to the privacy of the Spa and indulge in one of the tantalizing array of spa treatment.

Taste the sweet air
The warm summer air at Seminyak is redolent with the gentle aromas of nature. Taste the unique cuisine created by the chefs of Unagi Café’s designed to tantalize your palate. Each dish remains low in fat, sodium and cholesterol levels – the perfect way to eat well and remain healthy.

The aroma that soothes 
There’s a special scent drifting in the air. At every corner, fresh, natural aromas lend the air a touch of grace and healing therapy. Some from the fragrant flowers grown in or from every own gardens, others from delicately perfumed essential oil. The intrinsic properties of certain smells inspire relaxation, while others summon the body inner strengths to fight ailments.

In door romance 
A couple can comfortably sit in the grand bath of royal proportion, which is cast in ivory marble. With gentle warm spring waters around you, this promises to be a regal experience indeed.

The healing touch
Let our expert Spa artisan healing hands soothe aching limbs and refresh tired spirits. Select from tantalizing array of massage, scrub, wraps and others therapies that will leave you recharged and rejuvenated.

Taste of the spring water
Let the sight and the benefit of spring water wash away your cares. As you relax to the soft music which paint blissful pictures of total contentment. You can hear a light under current of life-giving water work their way around the spa.

Operating Hours
09.00 A.M - 10.00 P.M Local Time
(Massage last order at 7.00 P.M, SPA last order at 8.00 P.M)

U N A G I   S P A   &   W E L L N E S S   C E N T R E 
Jalan Teuku Umar Barat / Marlboro No. 379 Denpasar 80117, Bali – Indonesia 
Phone : +62 361 8941104 - Fax: +62 361 8941105 - Mobile: +62 81 338 201025 
Hot Line: +6281 9999 13613 (24 Hours)