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Eastern Garden Martha Tilaar Spa


This Island Is Definitely A Place For You To Enjoy A Holiday. You Geteaway In Bali Would Never Be Complete Without Spending A Day With Relaxing Treatment. Easttern Garden Martha Tilaar Spa Invites You To Indulge Yourself With A Unique Spa Treatment That You Will Never Find Anywhere Else.

We Present You Only The Best Quality Of Exotic Herbs And Spices Taken From The Eastern Gardens With The Healing Hands Of Therapists Trained In Our Special Massage Techniques And Our Formulations Realeseshealing Touch. This Splendid Combination Will Bring You To A Memorable Spa Experience.

Martha Tilaar is one of the most famous of Indonesia’s many successful women. Everyone has heard of Martha Tilaar! Trademark owners Sariayu offer superb beauty products and, along with some other derivatves of this brand, they have so much to contribute to the beauty of Indonesian women. But who would have thought this famous name would make its humble start in a salon housed in a room measuring 4m x 6m at her parent’ home?

Martha’s firt step was studying at the Academy of Beauty Culture in Bloomington, Indiana – United States. As a woman who can never stay at home for long, she worked as door to door sales consultant for Avon several times. Once back to Jakarta, she opened a beauty salon located in her parent’s garage. Martha shared her knowledge about beauty with he customers, she was also experimenting with herbal medicines and cosmetic as a home industry. These experimental processes were facilitated by her grandmother who happened to be a maker of herbal medicine.

Unexpectedly, her business was expanding rapidly: not only her higly commercially successful salons but her cosmetic products were also selling very well.

Forty years ago, Martha Tilaar established the Martha Tilaar Group. The company continues to grow and grow. From one employee it grew to 4,000 employees! One thing is for sure, the Martha Tilaar Group has commitment to preserve the culture and nature of Indonesia. This commitment was emphasized when Martha Tilaar became one of the founders of the United Nations’ Global Compact initiative. In September 2010, she recieved the Global Compact Award from the United Nations in New York.

Due to ist mountainous character, Indonesia has a lot of water springs including hot water springs and mineral waater springs. Therefore, natural bathing have for a long time been a natural part of people’s everyday lives. It is no wonder, with the surrounding environment full of water, such as rivers, lakes, waterfalls. Natural wells and sea. “Natural bathing” has become a part of the culture as reflected in the daily life of the people and in ritual ceremonies. Many people come to bathe in these spring waters which are believed to have many therapeutic effect.

They say that bathers will have a long and healthy life, stay youthful and be beautiful. Inspired by ancient eastern wisdom and indonesian traditions relating to bathing and beauty care throughout the human life-cycle, and combined with both the scientific approach and the back to nature approach, the ultimate rejuvenating spa experience is created. Spas have been a part of the culture of Indonesia society for ages and they are an aspect of lifestyle which is based on closeness to nature. Evidence of this long history has been found in ancient artifacts and literature.

At Borobudur Temple, a majestic buddhist temple buil almost 1,200 years ago, we can a stone relief depicting Buddha in preparing to bathe in a pool full of flowers, aloe and sandalwood. A different relief also shows Queen Maya’s body, hand and legs being massaged by the servants.ul. According to Indonesian tradition, it is believed that women at different stages in their life require different treatment. At an early age, girls enter into a life-cycle of beauty care which they will continue until they grow old and pass away. This life-cycle of beauty care is designed to develop both their inner and outer beauty.

This Martha Tilaar Spa concept exhibits an undersatnading of the way of life of the people who believe in living in harmony. This means harmony within oneself, harmony with other humans, harmony with nature and harmony with Amighty God. The tradition of giving and receiving with a pure heart reveals the key to the best-kept secrets of health and beauty in Indonesian culture. The willingness of the Martha Tilaar Spa to share this has opened the door to unique healing treatments drawn from the depths of an ancient philosophy, in a holistic realization of mind, body and soul.

Eastern Garden Martha Tilaar Spa
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