Friday, October 30, 2015

Ayaartta Spa, Family Spa in Kuta

Ayaartta which means there are treasures, inspire us health is priceless, there will be a “treasure if we stay healthy” Ayaartta spa provides a very comfortable place to spend a moments after touring or hectic business life. Nuanced minimalist spa, tropical design dominated with turquoise colour combination makes anyone who visit and enjoy the treatments feel comfortable, relaxed and refreshed.

Touch with professional and highly skilled Spa therapist, a relaxing sound of music, aromatherapy oil blend and natural but delightful tactile, turquoise, white wash wooden d├ęcor (sight smell, sound, touch, taste), journey start from the moment entering reception area, walk along the corridors, all the atmosphere contributing the warmth. Offering sensory journey utilizing 5 senses.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Welcome to Spa Factory Bali™, the ultimate resource for Asian spa treatments… and much more. Please see our website to find out more regarding our range of products & services.

Some things at Spa Factory Bali™ haven’t change. Firstly our commitment to rediscovering Asian traditions, handed down from generation to generation, creating brilliant, natural synergies. These can be found in our classic Spa Factory Bali™ range of professional and retail spa products.

A quick glance, our standard professional ranges include:

Monday, October 26, 2015

Bali Legong Spa Kuta

We keep the making of space that can enjoy chattering with important person slowly in mind. Please thoroughly enjoy spa of Japanese resident healing. In addition, we are glad if you can take in slight stimulation from interior and display in shop.

In the case of reservation
It is all menu 30% OFF only for visitor of early reservation
We open newly on September 6, 2015!
Hours From 09:00 to 23:00
Facilities, service Traditional spa of Bali
Others It is spa of reasonable pricing

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

@ Ease Kuta Spa, Sunset Road Relaxation

For your health and relaxation, we invite you to enjoy the benefits of our spa. Enjoy precious moments devoted entirely to relaxing and spoil yourself with our range of personalised spa treatments. Our exceptional services invite you to recharge your batteries at Ease.

@EASE SPA located by the Sunset Road & only few seconds away from Simpang Siur (Dewa Ruci Statue / Underpass).

For your health and relaxation, we invite you to enjoy the benefits of our spa. Enjoy precious moments devoted entirely to relaxing and spoil yourself with our range of personalised...

Located by the Sunset Road & only few seconds away from Simpang Siur (Dewa Ruci Statue / Underpass).

O Spa Bali at Villa Karisa Seminyak

(Open Everyday 10am - 8pm)

Bali spirituality, spa and beauty:
Synergy between body, mind and spirit…

In Bali, the island of spirituality, relax and enjoy the serenity of our outdoor and indoor lounge areas located in a setting of lush tropical gardens and a refreshing pool, while waiting for your treatment. You will be welcomed with homebrewed herb infusions.

Achieve peace and balance through our traditional Balinese massage rituals, given with organic essential oils of your choice.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mango Tree Spa, Unique Spa in Ubud Bali

The Spa is located in the rich green Ayung River Valley in Ubud, the island’s cultural capital. The Spa offers six exclusive treatment rooms spread across the property and surrounded by lush greenery.

Each of the six treatment rooms and steam room has been specially designed to harmonise with the characteristics of the specific treatments offered. Among those treatment rooms, Tree spa rooms on the top of the mango tree offer a majestic view and matching soundscape of birds, flowing water and soft rustling, a truely unique experience in Bali.

If anyone asks where to find one of Ubud’s nest spas, the reply should be "up in the trees".

Prior to your treatment, you are greeted with a "Welcome Ritual", a footbath performed with our Aromachologie Effervescent Sugar Cubes. Your experience then takes you on a true olfactory journey, sequenced at every step by soothing or energizing aromas. The voyage of the senses continues through gestures, sensorial textures, relaxing music and the herbal teas inspired by Provencal traditions. Every moment at the Spa L'OCCITANE is dedicated to skincare, wellbeing and superior service. Special attention and added treatment enhancements allow clients to experience the ultimate in naturality, with signature facials, massages, and bath indulgences enhanced by complementary treatments.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tanaspa Menu

Let your soul be carried into utter peace

90/120 minutes
Earth, as the first and basic element of nature is represented in this massage ritual. Using the thumb, palm and arm pressure concentrated on the skin, muscles and bones, this ritual aims to create the sensation of being grounded and reawakens oneself to an awareness of nature. Enriched by the earthy essential oils, this ritual gives a deep relaxation that is good for fatigue and stress release.

Tanadewa Luxury Villa & Spa

Walk through the path of nature with us
Located at the private area of tanadewa luxury villas & spa, tanaspa offers an exceptional experience with the elements of nature; earth, water, fire and air.

Especially designed to achieve the harmony of all four elements, tanaspa enhances one’s spa experience by providing the path of nature, from entering the natural surrounding interiors of wood, stone, copper and plants to a series of exotic spa treatments highlighting the earth, water, fire and air elements, including the closing rituals of total relaxation and harmony.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Glo Day Spa

Welcome to Glo Day Spa & Salon

Glo is a hip, contemporary and vivacious space offering an extensive selection of good grooming staples such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, eye lash and brow tints, eye lash perms and spray tans and deliciously pampering massages and body treatments delivered by a team of well-trained and service-savvy technicians.

Glo is also known as Bali’s best salon offering you’re the very latest in western coluring cutting and styling. Our team are highly skilled professionals managed by Ryan Inglis our Australian Master Stylist

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cooking Class By Anika Spa

Balinese Cooking is Creative Process That is Simple and a Lot Of Fun … !
With a Balinese Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian recipe with organic ingredients

Balinese Culinary
You can get Bali cooking lessons in Anika Bali Cooking Class. Here, you will learn the techniques and become familiar with the fresh herbs, spices, and other ingredients that make Balinese food delightfully tasty as well as nutritious and cleansing.

Hands-On Experiencet
hrough demonstration and hands-on experience, we will prepare and breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dine together on an assortment of exquisite dishes, from satay and grilled fish and curries to black rice pudding dessert. If you are interested in learning how to prepare Balinese signature dishes but you do not have too much time to dedicate to it, consider to join our class.

Jari Menari Spa

Jari Menari Massages Description

Dancing Finger Massage - 75 minutes Session
A full body massage, using oil and a rhythmic flow to ease tension out of the body.

Jari Menari's Signature Session: The Favorite Massage - 90 minutes
This Signature Session is a blend of techniques from Swedish Massage, Thai Stretching, Breema Shiatsu, Esalen Massage, Traditional Indonesian Body Work and focussed enrgy. The session features long, flowing strokes with extra time and attention focussed on areas on concern such as the low back, shoulders and neck. A delightfully relaxing massage for rejuvenation!