Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cantika Spa - Zest Bali Ubud

Ketut Jasi, creator of Çantika - house of natural health and beauty, has been practising the ancient art of listening to the Earth and receiving the messages of the plants and their many uses since 1997. Çantika was born from this passion for sharing plant wisdom to enhance our appreciation for our own beauty as connected to the beauty of Nature.

Jasmine is the first of Jasis's Spas. It's also her home. Everything begun here: experimenting with plants, re-discovering old traditions, learning massage techniques. It used to be a quite place in the middle of the rice fields but Penestanan village has grown and now there are other houses all around...but it's still Jasi's home and her first place! Please, book in advance to ensure the best of service.

Çantika Alami is the second of Jasi's spas. When the expansion of Penestanan village reached her home, she decided to find a place still surrounded by rice fields. She choose Sok Wayah, a location on the way to the Sari Organic Restaurant. The last part of the road is not accessible by car and requires a short walk. Here you can have any of Cantika's renown treatments and buy Cantika's products. Please, book in advance to ensure the best of service.

The newest of Jasi's creations, Çantika Zest is located in a secluded spot bordering a stream at the end of Penestanan village. Zest reflects Jasi's relation with Nature: all spaces are airy, simple, colorful and comfortable. Here is where Jasi makes her products and hosts her workshops. Definitely the place where she spends most of her time. Please, book in advance to ensure the best of service.

Jasi will personally teach you how to make your own products with herbs from the garden and the unique Çantika massage techniques. Jasi will also explain to you how you can obtain the same results using different ingredients, available in you Country. One hour of pleasure for the lovers of nature and healthy living.

Çantika makes all the products used: shampoo, conditioner, beauty masques, soap, massage oils, face cream, bath salts, lip balm and more. Everything is made with plants home grown in our garden, ensuring fresheness. Booking in advance you may come and see how some the products are made. Jasi will explain the process while it's happening and give you a tour of the garden. According to availability, products may be purchased and re-filling is offered for customers that would like to buy again.

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