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Exploring the BaliSpirit Festival with Dharma Fair Pass

Bali Spirit Festival is not just about yoga – it’s a gathering of music, culture, dance and healing.

And even beside the main festival program, there are plenty of activities to explore without a festival ticket. Use the chance to take a glimpse of this magical atmosphere at the daytime open Dharma Fair at the festival base Purnati in the south of Ubud.

Dive into Balinese and worldwide music, dance and culture performances and explore healing methods, kids fun, interesting vendors and & community programs.
The Healers & Readers Area

When you enter the beautiful area of Purnati, you will first pass by the healing area and community tent on your left.

More than 20 different professionals and some of the region’s most esteemed practitioners in alternative health and medicine, personal growth, and spiritual well-being are presented at this area.

If you want to broaden your body experience, mind and soul or dive into a deep spiritual experience, you can book a session onsite – most healers and coaches have their own tent or healer’s hut, where you can speak with them about the treatment you are interested in.

There is also an info booth for healers where you can come anytime to book and explore all available sessions. The offer includes a wide range of different methods:  readers, healers, coaches, massage & bodywork. Learn more and take a reading in since of Mayan calendar, Astrology, Tarot or Akashic record reading. Relax and work on physical problems in your body by joining a special Thai Massage session, Bodywork or natural facials. Or try more spiritual treatments as light therapy or applied chromo therapy. Maybe you will learn about new healing methods that you have never heard of before, as Cranio-Sacral, Chiropractic or Iridology. A few of them have special festival discount prices or you may be able to test a treatment for free!

The Dharma Fair Marketplace

The Marketplace consists of many shopping booths with local businesses, local handicraft, not-for-profit booths, natural health and beauty products, handmade clothing and jewelry, holistic literature, musical instruments, dance and yoga wear and equipment, books and DVDs and presenter merchandise.

Its worth to visit this bazar even for their unbeatable prices: The Yoga Shop offers special accessories as slacks and hoops and huge amount of sale products. YOKALAND gives 20% off of all products at their booth. Or Paramao, a natural root oil, which is hard to find in shops, offers a free test massage with the oil and 15 minutes extra massage with each bottle purchased.

But shopping is not everything.  If you like to help sustainable, reliable and socially responsible projects, you can also find information on household waste management systems or community initiatives that preserve the local culture and environment.

Family Program

The program at the Dharma Fair Area is designed for the whole family. For Yogis and non Yogis, kids and adults,  musicians and non-musicians.

There are 3 places with program, which you can enjoy even without the regular festival ticket:

The Coco Love Stage is located in the corner of the Dharma Fair. Different concerts are offered daily from 12 noon until 5pm. Indonesian performers, traditional dancers, international musicians. You can enjoy all multi-culture and unique actors on this stage. Join them to sing, chant and dance together.


This is a greener field just outside the Dharma Fair where mostly dance performances and workshops are offered. For example, a traditional Balinese Gamelan performance or Cosmic Flow Hoop Jam.


Immediately after the entrance, on the left you will find the Community Pavilion, where morning yoga, talks, info-workshops and meditations are offered the whole day from 9 am – 5pm. All those seminars are free and about health, healing and other issues of importance.

Beside the family program, connected to the Dharma  Fair is a special area for kids. You can drop of your children there with daycare staff and enjoy also as parents most of the offered dance and music performance or any healing session.

The Kids Zone is equipped with drawing books, coloring pencils. Organic and ecofriendly materials are used mainly in this area. The special kids program includes also face paintings or sessions as Yoga Telling (a class for kids that combines yoga and storytelling), or Kids Yoga.
Food & Beverage

Last but not least, the Dharma Fair offers a range of cuisines and flavors to suit every taste. Enjoy and try a variety of healthy food  – from Indonesian and Indian food to organic & local raw vegan meals, fresh salads, juice bars, vegan ice-cream and raw chocolate snacks.

The Dharma Fair is finally a beautiful laid-back place surrounded by green fields,  where conscious and open-minded people from all over the world share there lifestyle, ideas and creations, made with love and devotion.

Come and join the BaliSpirit Festival community.

Location: Purnati Center for the Arts, Batuan (15 minutes south of Ubud).

Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm daily

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