Monday, March 30, 2015

The Spa at Chedi Sakala Bali

The Chedi Sakala Bali is the luxurious home of a professional and, fast becoming well-reputed, new spa. Located on Tanjung Benoa, it’s in a popular beach area easily accessible to most staying on the southeastern coast of the island.

Visiting Chedi Sakala’s Spa for the first time, it’s the small touches that we were most impressed with: stylish slippers, a choice of disposable underwear (G-string, bikini or panties), cotton kimonos and super soft bed linens and towels. The treatment bed was not only adjustable at the touch of a button (reclining or inclining at various intervals as needed), but also long (much appreciated by us tall foreigners) and, featured a heating pad making the platform nice and snuggly.
After informing staff of preferences and anything else they might need to know to adjust the treatment to our personal needs, our treatments began with a cold towel and ginger tea ritual, followed a refreshing foot scrub and soak.

Chedi Jade Massage (60 minutes)
What could possibly be better than two strong skilled hands working out the kinks in your muscles, drawing the stress from your body and, easing the tensions from your mind?  Four strong skilled hands…!  The Chedi Jade Massage provides not one but two therapists! Working in perfect unison, they doubly ensure the body and mind are left calm and rejuvenated.

Working with the spine as the line of symmetry, then with belly button as the medial point, then all four hands moving up then down, then side to side, there’s nothing you can do but surrender to the movement. Closing this massage feeling boneless, I’d almost sunken into the bed and didn’t move an inch, unflappable and psyched for my facial.

Naturelle D’Orient Organic Facial (60 minutes IDR840)

Following a number of fun days in the sun, even though I’m careful to apply sunscreen and wear a hat, I still noticed my skin lacking moisture and showing signs of an excess of jollification. The spa manager assured me I’d have no need to worry as the facial she suggested would have my youth restored in less than an hour.

The Naturelle D’Orient Organic Facial began with a cleanse, followed by an exfoliation, steam, massage, masque and moisturizing day cream. The key product containing Organic Argan Oil is said to have anti-ageing and cell renewal qualities with its high content of omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. A detoxifying masque is available for oily skin, however as my skin is rather dry the therapist applied the regenerative version. I don’t know if it truly was the product, or just the fact that I slowed down and allowed myself to be still for two hours, either way, my skin felt rehydrated and smooth, and my body rested and recharged.

Hubby indulged in two different treatments. He reports:

“Coming to Chedi Sakala Spa was a delightful experience. From the moment I arrived I felt warmly welcomed by the big-smiling staff. The friendliness of the Balinese therapists changed my mood in seconds and encouraged me to unwind.

First, I was invited to sit down and take some warm tea while I completed a questionnaire enquiring into injuries, allergies and personal preferences. A foot bath and scrub followed, before I was escorted to a long (yippee – sometimes the beds are not quite long enough) massage table. Attention to detail seemed paramount.

Ancient Balinese Massage (60 minutes IDR690)

My Ancient Balinese Massage included palming, stretching, effleurage and pressure point techniques using strong pressure as requested in my pre-treatment form. My therapist delivered an incredible massage. My muscle tension disappeared, leaving me totally calm.

Thai-Style Foot Reflexology (30 minutes IDR 396)

A Thai-Style Foot Reflexology came right after on the same bed. I had a slight discomfort before the session due to jogging on a hard surface the day before. The firm manipulation of my feet reduced considerably the stiffness and pain I had previously felt, leaving me healed and ready again for more kilometres the next day.”

At the moment the Chedi Sakala spa is in temporary quarters, but soon will move to a purpose-built relaxation zone. If the rooms, restaurants and facilities of the hotel are anything to go by, the new surrounds promise to be a stylish retreat.

Reasons to visit: attention to detail; what promises to be beautiful surrounds; excellent treatments; organic locally sourced products.

The Chedi Sakala, Bali, Indonesia
Jalan Pratama 95 Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua, Bali 80363 Indonesia.
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