Thursday, January 8, 2015

Recharges & Feminine Popular Tagala Spa Packages

 Talaga Spa - All Abous Coconut Spa !!
TALAGA proudly presents the VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil). Widely known as the miracle oil, VCO gives the following benefits: VCO’s fatty acid equals to mother’s milk, and it improves immune system. VCO also supports healthy metabolic & thyroid function that promotes weight loss, fights early aging process effortlessly. Beside being easily absorbed by the body and fast to turn to energy, VCO softens dry skin, aids digestion, reduces cholesterol and combats viruses and bacteria. It is a truly miracle oil.
Ancient Healing, Modern Extravagance. Our treatment and services are based on coconut products. As it has been practiced for thousands of years through out Asia and the Pacific, coconuts play lifetime important roles in the life of Balinese. From six months prior to the birth of a child, pregnant mothers would consume natural coconut water to help her labour. Then, there are a lot of religious ceremonies through one’s life that require the use of coconuts. Nowadays, realizing the marvel of coconuts, TALAGA uses coconut products in all its treatments. Processed naturally using modern technology, the oil obtained from coconuts will give you the healing benefits as it has to people of the past. Indeed, in TALAGA we blend ancient healing and modern extravagance.Recharge (120 Minutes) Price USD 66.00Book Now   -  Balispa.Net
Feeling low and sulky?
Indulge your self in a treatment to breathe life into your whole being. Start with an aromatherapy foot bath, followed by a full body scrub using Virgin Coconut oil mixed with flowers (Frangipani, Rose and jasmine) and fruits (Peach and Orange) of your choice. At the end, an Aromatherapy Healing massage will loosen up your tensed muscle and joints with silky Virgin Coconut Oil to moisturize your skin. Package included:
* Foot Ritual (5 minutes)
* Resonance
* Body Scrub (30 minutes)
* Aromatherapy Healing Massage (85 minutes) 

Feminine (120 Minutes) Price USD 66.00 Book Now   -  Balispa.Net
It’s all about the woman! This treatment will start with a aromatherapy foot bath, followed with a full a aromatherapy healing massage which will loosen up your tensed muscle and joints. Having done that, have silky olive oil to moisturize your skin. Then pamper yourself in a luscious V - Ratus Spa.

Package included:
* Foot Ritual (5 minutes)
* Resonance
* Aromatherapy Healing Massage (85 minutes)
* V - Ratus Spa (30 minutes)

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