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CIBTAC Courses in Bali

CIBTAC Courses
Take CIBTAC Award and Diplomas in Jamu Spa School
CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology), based in UK, has been recognized worldwide for over 25 years as an international examination board in beauty and holistic therapies. Renowned for the high level of training and strict quality control, a CIBTAC Diploma guarantee you to be able to work all over the world. Employers recognize the value of your CIBTAC diplomas; they know that you will be safe, competent and professional; an asset to their business.

Jamu Spa School is an accredited CIBTAC Centre as a school that can offer a truly professional environment. Our school has met and maintained the very high standard set by CIBTAC Board. Our facilities, equipment, products and level of teaching have been set to ensure your academic satisfaction in gaining your qualification.

Class Schedule:
Classes started in: January
Exam: April
Classes started in: July
Exam: November

Fees Includes:
Learning Material
Theoretical Tutorial
Practical Tutorial
Daily lunch
CIBTACT Try-Out Test
CIBTAC Certificate
Jamu Spa School Certificate
01.Level 2 Award In Waxing (79 Hours -8 Days) Price USD 1,206.00 Book Now   -  Balispa.Net
This course enables the candidate to conduct a hair-removal treatment safely and hygienically. After taking this course, you will be able to work as a waxing specialist in a spa or beauty salon setting.

Units studied:
Health and Hygiene
Business Studies
Skin Structure and Function
Salon Procedures
Product Knowledge/Cosmetic Science
Waxing Treatments & Aftercare
Skin Disease
02. Level 3 Award in Body Massage (106 Hours – 15 Days) Price USD 1,647.00 Book Now   -  Balispa.Net
Award in Body Massage (Swedish) provides Candidates with the necessary understanding and skills to provide Swedish massage treatments for Clients. Candidates can progress into other areas of the beauty therapy industry or complementary therapy industry or directly into employment or self-employment with this qualification. The qualification consists of two mandatory units and is equivalent to a Level Three on the Qualification and Credit Framework.
03. Diploma in Body Massage (360 Hours-40 Days) Price USD 2,941.00 Book Now   -  Balispa.Net
This course enables candidates to perform safe and effective Swedish body massage treatments and achieve a qualification at UK Level 3 national standard which is recognized internationally.

Units studied:
Health and Hygiene
Skin Diseases
Business Studies
Salon Procedures
Consultation/Lifestyle Assessments
Body Massage
04. Diploma in Spa Therapy (320 Hours-30 Days) Price USD 2,100.00 Book Now   -  Balispa.Net
Duration: 320 hours – 30 days
Price: $2,100 

05. Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (120 Hours-10 Days) Price USD 1,294.00 Book Now   -  Balispa.Net
This course is aimed to enable candidates to achieve knowledge and understanding of Anatomy and Physiology of the human body and to gain a prerequisite qualification and knowledge needed to study a range of beauty, body and complementary therapies. Students taking this course achieve a qualification at UK Level 2 national standards and recognized internationally.

Units studied:
Skin Structure and Function
Introduction to Nutrition
Digestive System
Skeletal System
Respiratory System
Muscular System
Excretory/Urinary System
Vascular System
Endocrine System
Lymphatic System
Neurological System
Accessory Organs

06. Diploma in Spa Therapy + Diploma Anatomy Physiology (380 Hours-40 Days) Price USD 2,900 Book Now   -  Balispa.Net
The course provides a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of Spa Therapies which will ensure that the graduate is confident and competent to work in the spa industry internationally. Work experience is a compulsory element of this course. A minimum of 50 hours work experience in a Commercial Spa is required and will be provided to students during the course.

Units studied:
TU01 Follow Health and Safety Practice in the Salon
PU30 Monitor and Maintain Spa Area
PU31 Provide Spa Treatment
PU26 Provide Body Massage
PU27 Apply Stone Therapy Massage
PU28 Provide Indian Head Massage
G3 Skin Structure and Function
G9 Introduction to Nutrition
Digestive System
Skeletal System
Respiratory System
Muscular System
Excretory/Urinary System
Vascular System Endocrine System
Lymphatic System
Neurological System
Accessory Organs

Note: The learning hours includes direct teaching in class, instruction and assessment by tutor, practical hours and working place.
07. Level 4 Diploma in Salon Management (215 Hours-25 Days) Price USD 3,200 Book Now   -  Balispa.Net
The aim of this course is to equip candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to manage a Spa or Salon environment effectively, be it for hairdressing, beauty, holistic, sports or spa therapies.

The qualification consists of five mandatory units and is equivalent to a Level Four on the Qualification and Credit Framework.

Units studied:
TU12 Marketing in the Hair and Beauty Sector
TU07 Management of Health, Safety and Security in the Salon
TU09 Salon Management
TU10 Sales Management in the Hair and Beauty Sector
TU11 PR in the Hair and Beauty Sector
08. Diploma in Teaching & Assessment (170 Hours-20 Days) Price USD 2,800 Book Now   -  Balispa.Net
This course is aimed for individuals who wish to become tutors or trainers and develop their teaching knowledge and skill.

This course equips the candidate the skill to adopt an integrative approach to the theory and practice of teaching and training; design, organize and evaluate teaching and learning programmes; learn and apply a range of methods and techniques of teaching, learning, assessment and evaluation; build upon knowledge of principles of learning, teaching assessment and evaluation; reflect on personal experience, practice skills and potential for development. The candidates will be able to analyze their trainees abilities, potential and learning needs ; adopt an innovative approach to collecting and utilizing a wide range of teaching and learning resources; develop an awareness of their professional role and the systems that underpin it and develop their own communication and interpersonal skills.

Entry Level
Candidates should be holders of an International
Beauty/Complementary/Spa/Sports therapy, Anatomy and Physiology or Nutrition
qualification together with a minimum of two years’ work experience within a
relevant therapy environment.

Units studied:
Planning and preparing teaching and learning
Delivering learning
Learning resources
Teaching practice and observation.

School Workshop Jalan Raya Siligita I, No. 1, Nusa Dua Bali – Indonesia
Phone : +62 361 8501022 / 8941104 / 8941105 - Mobile: +62 81 338 201025
Hot Line: +6281 999913613 (24 Hours)

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