Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Importance of Detox Cleansing Diets

Can a Detox Cleansing Diet hold the key to weight loss, more energy and better health?
If you are feeling tired, run down, suffer from constipation, gas, abdominal bloating, skin problems, achy joints, depression,  allergies, and hard-to-shift weight gain, you are likely to be suffering from toxic overload.
Researchers have discovered that everyday toxins accumulate in your body causing havoc in your cells. The good news is that you can get rid of these toxins with a detox diet or what some are now calling a detox cleansing diet.

Toxic chemicals are everywhere
Your body has a very complicated detox system that deals with toxins every day.  But it was never designed to deal with the hundreds of toxic man made chemicals that you are exposed to in your food, water, air and things you put on your skin.
Over time, the daily onslaught of these toxins can clog up your detox pathways and lead to chronic health problems.

The critics are wrong
Critics of cleansing diets say that detox is not necessary and if toxins are so bad then most of us would be dead right now. What they fail to realize is that many of the chronic symptoms people have are due to the damage that toxins do to cells, tissues and organs. They will kill you eventually.

Numerous people will testify to the fact that all sorts of health problems improved or vanished after they went on a detox cleanse.
Critics also say that proponents of detox diets ought to be able to provide before and after blood analysis showing noticeable differences in liver enzymes, levels of toxic metals, antioxidants and nutrients. Well, in fact, they can do just that.  A number of advanced laboratories can do tests for these things and it has been proven that a detox cleansing diet, when done correctly, can and does lower toxins and improve liver detox pathways.

How can you improve detox?
Researchers have also discovered that some people do not naturally detoxify as well as others and that you can improve detox with certain foods and nutrients. Detox has come a long way since the days of water fasting and restrictive diets. By avoiding the things that hinder the detox process and and eating foods that rev up the detox system you can indeed reduce the toxins in your body.

There is evidence now that toxins make you fat. They interfere with your weight control mechanism. Once you start to cleanse your body of them and supply the nutrients that your body needs to function properly you will be able to loose weight more easily and keep it off providing you stay on a good healthy diet.
By following a good detox cleansing diet you will stop eating the foods that hinder detox and nourish your body with good foods and nutritional supplements designed to enhance the detox process. That is why so many people turn to detox for better health, more energy, better sleep and weight loss.

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