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Bali Organic Products by Ubud Wellness

Natural Organic Spa Product
Ubud Wellness product is a home made product, the material have been carefully selected according to our concept and ingredients and high standard of cleanliness with special healing properties that bring peace, harmony to the body mind and spirit. All of the material of the spa product are using organic natural Balinese herb collected from wild herb plantation witch’s growth on the Balinese beach’s , Mountain and some village’s. True experience of essential natural Balinese herb’s is one of our spa treatment advantage offer.

Organic Skin Nutrition Massage Oil Base

Ubud Wellness Skin Nutrition is an organic base massage oil, our home made product it is base on Aleurites moluccana, is a tree in the family Euphorbiaceae, also known as Candleberry, Indian walnut, Varnish tree or Kukui nut tree.  Candlenut oil or kukui nut oil is extracted from the nut of the Aleurites moluccana, the candlenut or kuku'i. The candlenut originates in Hawai'i. The word kukui means "enlightened" in Hawai'ian. The oil contains 19% oleic acid, 41% linoleic acid, and less than 27% linolenic acid. Candlenut oil is light yellow, with an amber tint, and has a shelf life of 6-8 months. Historically, it has been valued as an emollient, and is currently used primarily in skin care products.

Heavenly Flowers Massage Oil
Essential Oil : Frangipani, jasmine, ylang ylang, peppermint.
Base Oil: Aleurites moluccana Skin Nutrition Massage oil

Increase sensual awareness, uplifting the spirit, shooting effect to the skin, refreshing, can slow a rapid heart beat and abnormally fast breathing.

Bali Breeze Massage Oil
Essential Oil: Citrus, Orange Sweet, Citronella.
Base Oil: Skin Nutrition Aleurites moluccana Massage oil

Physical Relives headaches, aids the digestive system help reduce insomnia, aids in skin repair from scaring and stretch marks, release nervous tension and stress related disorders, help muscle tone and make them more supple.Mental emotional Calming, soothing and uplifting, stimulate awareness.

Bali spices Massage Oil
Essential Oil: Clove, Ginger, Rosemary, vetivert
Base Oil: Skin Nutrition Aleurites moluccana Massage oil

A powerful antiseptic, useful for cold and flu, excellent for muscular aches and pain, increase circulation and prevent headaches, for mental fatigue, nerves exhaustion, and other stress relates disorders, refreshing and head clearing warming and invigorating, also an aphrodisiac Benefit Relaxing, Refreshing, Stimulating.

Natural Organic Body Scrub
The Only Natural Ingredient of Body Scrub, selected Herbal Leaf, which Has Best texture for skin.
Pandan Leaf
Cinnamon Leaf
Eucalyptus Leaf
Citrus Leaf
Peppermint leaf

Jasmine Pandan Body Scrub
Herbs : Pandan leaf, Jasmine flower, Temugiring, Turmeric, lime leaf.
Base product: Candleberry powder, white rice, oat, Grass Root ( teki).
For : all skin type

Release inhabitations, opens the imagination, encourage sensuality Increase skin elasticity, Increase superior skin penetration, remove the dead skin cell, give the sense of purification body & soul

Baby Rose Body Scrub
Herbs: Baby rose powder, lime leaf
Base product: Candleberry powder, Red rice, oat, Grass Root ( teki).

Shooting effect on the skin, increase sensual awareness, uplifting the spirit, increasing skin elasticity, moisturise the skin

Bedugul Herbs Body Scrub
Herbs: Sweet Basil, peppermint, lime leaf, temu giring.
Base product: Candleberry powder, white rice, oat, Grass Root ( teki).

Refreshing cooling and head clearing, stimulating energising and invigorating, good for respiratory disorder, best for treatment during the day.

Cinnamon Teki Body Scrub
Herbs : Cinnamon Powder, clove powder, nutmeg powder.
Base product: Candleberry powder, white rice, oat, Grass Root ( teki).

Help to destroy micro organism, especially bacteria, stimulate the blood flow to the heart, relaxes the stomach, combats fever, increase the stamina or energy allow for superior skin penetration with a comfortable, velvet finish. Result: Skin looks and feels soft, smooth and supple, best for treatment in a cold weather.

Bali coffee Coconut Body Scrub
Herbs: Bali Coffee, Coconut powder.
Base product: Candleberry powder, white rice, oat, Grass Root ( teki).

Extract of coffee content of anti oxidant, improved the appearance of wrinkles skin discoloration, and enhanced skin smoothness, a company released a set of skin care products with coffee extract as its main ingredient which they named RevaleSkin.

Natural Organic Hair Cream
A Home made Organic hair cream, especially taken directly from the nature, kind of seaweed is a fresh product from Balinese beaches, and aloe Vera taken from our own spa garden.
Heavenly Flowers Body Bath

Ubud Wellness Just provide best quality of flowers with Beautiful Fragrants:
Frangipani flower
Tropical Magnolia

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