Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ayusha Wellness Ubud

Set on the banks of Ubud’s Campuhan River in the magical setting of Svarga Loka Resort  Ayusha Wellness provides all one could wish for in spa ambience. Open-air spa treatments, breathtaking river views and tropical green surroundings support highly personalized therapeutic treatments & wellness programs. It is the ideal setting for escaping from the stresses of day-to-day life and directing ones attention inward.

"Ayusha" in Sanskrit means long life. We believe that a long life should be fulfilled with happiness, joy and good health. Therefore, Ayusha Wellness was created in the spirit of restoring harmony with body, mind and soul. At the heart of our foundation and philosophy lies our commitment to providing you with a unique experience and guiding you to a deeper sense of inner calm, contentment and beauty.

Cleanse & Re-vitalize (1 day)
Spend a day with us at Ayusha Wellness and give your body and mind a chance to cleanse from accumulated toxins with a personalized yoga and breathwork class, spa treatments, delicious healthy lunch & juices.

Program includes:
10:00     Welcome Healthy Drink & Registration
10:30     Yoga & Breathwork Class
11:30     Cleanse & Revitalize talk
12:00     Healthy Lunch
01:00     Spa Therapies

1 x 30 min       Far Infrared Sauna
1 x 30 min     Herbal Healing Bath
1 x 60 min     Deep tissue massage
1 x 60 min     Detoxifying Body Scrub or Body Wrap

Package Price USD  300 ++

De-stress & Re-balance (1 day)
The art of living is all about knowing how to reduce stress and enjoy every single moment that is given to us. For that we must give ourselves the neccessary "me time" even when life pressures seem to convince us that we don't have enough time NOW.Come and spend a day in our breathtaking surroundings and enjoy a package of healing therapies,  a personalized restorative yoga class  and delicious lunch of fresh foods and juices, designed to help you regain your sense of calm and wellbeing.

Program Includes:
10:00    Welcome Healthy Drink & Registration
10:30    Yoga & Relaxation Class
11:30     De-stress & Re-balance talk
12:00     Healthy Lunch
1:00       Spa Therapies

1 x 30 min  Herbal Healing Bath or Far Infrared Sauna
1 x 90 min  Abhyanga 0r Hot & Cold Stones Massage
1 x 60 min  Reflexology treatment

Package Price USD  300 ++

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