Thursday, October 9, 2014

Murano Spa Seminyak - Awesome Affordable Massage in Bali

Never miss out spa during your vacation in Bali! Do a little research before your trip. There are plenty of spa choices around the beautiful island. Most of them post up their packages and prices online for our convenience. Check out the genuine photos and reviews posted by other visitors too before coming into conclusion.

After much research, we decided to visit Murano Spa located at Seminyak. For the price of only 210,000 rupiah (less than RM60), we get to pamper ourselves for 2 hours! It costs around RM67 after 10% of government tax. Really cheap but offered great service!

Contrary to our usual belief, cheap is not always associated with lousy. In fact, Murano Spa is surrounded by beautiful nature. The greeneries and water streams relax your mind even before you begin your spa session.

Murano Spa is a 2-storey building by itself constructed with red solid bricks which has a cooling effect amidst the blazing Balinese weather.

We made our reservation online before the trip. Don’t worry if you do not have a contact number in Bali. The spa would contact your villa for confirmation and reminder purpose.

We didn’t wait that long before our turn. Actually I didn’t mind waiting cause every moment there is blissful! Soon, we were ushered to our respective rooms.

Angela and Mei Yan shared a couple honeymoon upstairs. According to them, they shared the huge bathtub while trying to cover their bodies from each other’s sight wtf LOLLLL.

I had a room to myself downstairs which was dim-lit with soothing music in the background. There was a massage bed and a bath tub at the back with outdoor view. Don’t worry about other masseurs walking past. You can hear them occasionally but they always stay out of sight.

I chose the 2-hour Javanese Lulur treatment – traditional massage with Sandalwood or Frangipani mint oil followed by a Turmeric/Javanese Lulur Scrub to exfoliate and soften the skin. Yoghurt is then applied to the skin and finally, a bath with delicately scented flowers!
The massage was ordinary in my opinion, nothing to shout about. But the scrub was really great! Felt so much cleaner and refreshed after the scrub. Love the cold yoghurt applied against my skin too! Read on the reviews that we had to uncover everything during the massage which caused discomfort to some people especially conservative Asians like us. It was dreadful that some had their body revealed with a male masseur present in the room since they signed up for honeymoon package. I was mentally prepared for it, since my masseur is just a girl like us and had probably seen more boobs than I had. Teehee. However if you find it uncomfortable, perhaps you could request to not have the scrub and yogurt applied on your chest.

My bathtub with beautiful scented flowers!!!

Omgosh I had always wanted a flower bath! So excited with this last part of my spa treatment! The masseur gave me 15 minutes to soak myself in that beautiful little tub but obviously I spent longer than that inside la. Plus the minutes spent snapping selfies XD

Tea and cookies were served. How thoughtful of Murano Spa. 

Will highly recommend Murano Spa if you are looking for an affordable spa with great service and beautiful environment in Bali. You may check out the  they offer as listed on the website. Reservation can be made through email or directly on their website.


Murano Spa
Address: Jl. Dewi Saraswati (Kunti II),
Seminyak, Bali Indonesia.
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