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Ratus Spa in Bali

Some people may find the concept of a vagina spa strange. But just like going to a regular spa where one can get massages and skin treatments for relaxation, going to a vagina spa is meant to freshen and improve the health of a woman’s most intimate organ.

Ratus is a unique treatment and the secret beauty of Java princess care priority just for woman especially for honeymooners, it is a Javanese tradition that has been carried out since Majapahit time. Special body smoke reputed to cleanse the female genitalia, remove unpleasant odors and reduce vagina discharge. This is to treat your vagina area to improve blood circulation, relaxes the pelvic floor muscles so that the vaginal area becomes more tight and clean.

Ratus or fogging, which is said to have a number of benefits, such as reducing itchiness caused by a yeast infection and improve smell in the vaginal area. For the fogging procedure, patients are made to sit on a chair with a big hole. Underneath the chair is a clay pot with heated charcoals sprinkled with the ratus powder, which is made of various herbs. The patient is asked to wear a special robe that covers the whole chair while she is seated. This is so that the fragrant smoke can go straight to the vagina and therefore the fragrance is well spread down there.

After this treatment done, you will guaranteed to feel relief down under.

Please check our spa with Ratus Treatment bellow:

Adi Spa Service - Nusa Dua
Signature - Ratus Yoni Wangi (2.5 Hours)

Vagina Spa effective in reducing bad odors in Vagina and also increase vitality in Vagina, especially for woman.

Vagina spa treatment includes vagina vital section cleansing, scrub, massage, fogging, bath tub treatment and special natural cures drinks for woman. (Aroma Foot Bath/Balinese Massage/Scrub Body Treatment/Ratus Yoni Wangi/Natural Cures Drink)

Talaga Spa Services - Kuta Seminyak
“V” Ratus Spa (30 Minutes)

This natural treatment was specially designed for women who want to look after their feminine health. By using magical well proven herbs from Madura, which is traditionally passed on through out generations, we help you maintain and regain the health and elasticity of your intimate womanhood.

Rumah Spa Services Nusa Dua Tanjung Benoa
V-Spa (Ratus) (2 Hours)

Ratus is a body treatment that focus on women intimate organ care. It's an original Javanese tradition that has been done since the era of Majapahit. This unique traditional treatment using kinds of herbs & spices which has an exotic fragrance, through the fogging incensing process is aimed to subtract and to avoid leucorrhea, work as antiseptic to avoid an infection, curing the itches,subtracting an excessive mucus, refreshing and fragranting female genetalis. Also helps to improve sexual desire and losing the body's and intimate organ's unpleasant smell.
Complimentary : ginger tea

How would you like to have your vagina smoked like a high class Javanese woman? If you do not know what we are talking about, it is time you did! Indonesia has an entire beauty industry that has grown around intimate care.
Javanese women of the upper class participate in pre-wedding event that takes 6 days and it involves Asmaragama or love massage, Kendedes or vagina smoking or fogging. Vagina spas also called VG spas and V spas boomed throughout Indonesia and can be found in some of the upscale spas in Bali.
This industry flourished thanks to a mix of folk tales, seduction hygiene, intrigue and smart business savviness. In addition, Asian women believe if you want to have great sex and keep your husband you need to have a tight vagina, accomplished with a special blend of herbs called ‘jamu.’ This Javanese tradition has been turned into an expensive ritual that now extends into a market that’s far reaching beyond Javanese women.
Spas will offer a variety of services in their packages, which are often marketed as Happy Marital packages. They can range from a few hours to a full day. Unless is actually a pre-wedding ritual, it’s not likely to last days. These packages can be made up of a number of different services such as asmaragama massage, vaginal smoking, and pelvic floor work.
  • Asmaragama Massage – This is also called the love massage and it is considered a way to increase your sexual stamina. The asmaragama massage oil contains a number of aphrodisiacs to improve the elasticity of the blood vessels in the vagina.
  • Vaginal smoking – In the United States this is called ‘venus smoke.’ It is designed to cure, beautify and cleanse the vagina. You sit on the top of a chair that has no seat. Underneath you burns ratus, which wafts up to your vagina.
  • Pelvic Floor Work – This includes things like Kegel exercises with a focus on sensuality.
There are many Bali vagina spas that offer only vaginal services. This entire concept may seem a bit strange, but if you are ready to try something different why not visit a vagina spa. Just like you would head to the spa to enjoy skin treatments and relaxation, why not head to the vagina spa for some freshening, relaxation and improvement to your most intimate organs. Come to Bali and have a unique experience with your vajayjay.
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