Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ubud Detox : Juicing the Toxins Away With Bali Vitality Detox-to-go

With healthy living in mind, the Ultimate Bali team decided that a detox was in order. Juice detoxing seems to be all the rage these days, so we figured it was time to see what all the hype is about. After much searching, we came across Bali Vitality. Run by naturopathic doctor and clinical nutritionist Anna-Maree Downing, Bali Vitality offers a 7-day Detox-to-go program that includes fresh vegetable juices delivered to your door daily, as well as extras like detox powders, Rosella tea, vegetable broth and fresh coconuts. So how did we fare? Read on to find out…

Prior to the Detox
Before the detox starts, we get information packs explaining the whole process. The deal is no solid food for seven whole days, only the liquids and powders supplied. Anna-Maree suggests reducing red meat, dairy, wheat, caffeine, alcohol and sugar 5-7 days before the detox starts and increasing our water intake. Meat, alcohol, sugar—no problem, but caffeine? Wheat? Cheese? Easier said than done.

Day 1
Excitement levels are high as the lovely liaisons drop off three bottles of freshly made juice, a coconut and a thermos of broth. The juices are a vibrant red hue and full of good stuff like beets, ginger and herbs. The day starts with a glass of juice, some Rosella tea (great for reducing cholesterol and blood pressure) and a glass of the Super Greens and Reds powder for chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals to alkalise the body. The hunger kicks in the late afternoon, but is quelled with glasses of juice and water. By early evening, the broth is a nice warm treat, followed by tea and a glass of the Pysllium/Linseed powder to help clear the bowels. Day 1 accomplished!

Days 2 - 3
Day 2 brings green juices that are fresh-tasting and full of cucumber water and herbs. The hunger pangs are really strong today, and the headaches start to kick in. On Day 3 we get yellow juices high in turmeric that are meant to assist in heavy metal cleansing. These two days are probably the hardest, as energy levels are low and it’s hard to focus on anything unrelated to food. Also, we can see the toxins coming out of the skin in the form of small blemishes.

Day 4 - 6
On Day 4 we start to see positive results. Finally the hunger pangs have subsided, the headaches are gone and the skin is starting to clear up. We can also see a visible reduction in our waistlines, and the senses are enhanced so that everything seems brighter, clearer and more aromatic. By Day 6, we feel lighter, brighter and re-energized—more so than before we started the detox. It seems our hard work has paid off.

After the Detox
Anna-Maree recommends that we reintroduce solid foods slowly, so for the first 5 days after the detox, we try to eat only fresh fruit and raw and steamed veggies. As the days go on, we slowly add meat, dairy and even a glass or two of alcohol. Overall, we feel much healthier and motivated to keep up with the clean eating.
We highly recommend Bali Vitality’s Detox-to-go for anyone looking to lose a few pounds, rid the body of toxins and brighten up the skin. They also offer full retreats that include rejuvenating extras like massages, detoxifying body scrubs, colonic therapy and yoga sessions.

Address: Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, Bali

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