Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bali Fitness : Tune Your Body at Bali Pilates Studio & Fitness

Fitness is a fine art at Bali Pilates Studio & Fitness where an ever evolving crew of highly qualified instructors are constantly researching new methods of movement to add to their already varied list of classes. From Pilates to yoga, personal training, Xtend Barre and reformer work, there is something for everyone at this comprehensive studio in the heart of Seminyak.

Unlike your typical gym for the masses, Bali Pilates Studio offers full service fitness classes in a warm, welcoming and personal environment. Each of the instructors here has trained extensively and has a wealth of experience teaching guests of all levels. From your first class onwards, the instructors will identify your specific needs and customise classes to suit your fitness goals. By focusing on a combination of toning, cardio and rehabilitation, each class gives you the tools you need to see results quickly.

Challenge yourself and get inspired with the Pilates classes here that utilise low-impact exercises, mat work and Pilates equipment to increase strength, stamina and endurance. The Mat Plus class is a perennial favourite, as it includes a mixture of classic Pilates movements and different fitness modalities. No two classes are the same, so you are constantly switching things up with mat work, foam rollers, toning balls and Thera-Bands to tone the muscles and build your power.

Yoga classes are another great way to find balance and improve posture, flexibility, circulation, muscle strength and lung capacity. Bali Pilates Studio & Fitness offers both private and group lessons, and the 55-minute classes are based in the Vinyasa tradition, which follows a set of flowing postures or asanas that invigorate the body and mind and create a higher level of body awareness. The classes also focus on breathwork and meditation.

Other classes at Bali Pilates Studio & Fitness include Reformer Sculpt and Dynamic Reformer, which include finely tuned and precise exercises done on the Pilates reformer machine to lengthen, strengthen and boost energy levels and metabolism. The Xtend Barre Workout blends Pilates and dance movements on the ballet barre with a fast-paced tempo to sculpt long lean muscles, and the TRX classes are a workout for the entire body, as you use your own weight and resistance to hone in on the lower body, upper body and core.

Moreover, Bali Pilates Studio & Fitness is the BASI Pilates host in Bali, so they offer a range of teacher training programmes for practitioners with a desire to teach Pilates. BASI stands for Body Arts and Science International, and they are one of the leading Pilates organisations in over 20 countries worldwide. Students can opt for the Mat Work Teacher Training Course as a primer or the complete BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Course.

Even for those who are already qualified to teach Pilates or yoga, there are a range of professional workshops that take place at Bali Pilates Studios & Fitness throughout the year. The workshops are taught by internationally recognized teachers, and they cover a wide variety of topics including anatomy, fascial structures and SMR (Self Myofascial Release) to name a few.

Address: 68 Jalan Drupadi, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: +62 (0)81 338 585 261

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