Monday, July 28, 2014

“Two Thousand Hands” World-Breaking Massage Record in Sanur Bali

July 2015, 1,000 spa therapists from across Indonesia gathered at Sanur Beach in an attempt to break the world record for simultaneous massage.

The event, called “Two Thousand Therapists’ Hands in Traditional Indonesian Massage”, was part of the Wonderful Adventure Indonesia: Asia Pacific Hash 2014 initiative.

Masseurs from Bali, East Java and Central Java came together to break the world record previously held by Thailand. In July 2013, 641 masseurs carried out continuous treatments for 12 minutes in Bangkok.

The Bali event saw 1,000 therapists (and two thousand hands) in matching purple outfits performing relaxing 15-minute massages on lucky participants right on the beach.

The event was divided into nine groups, showcasing nine different types of spa treatments from all around Indonesia. These included Javanese lulur, which is a body scrub, a Balinese boreh, which is a body mask and Bugis tellu sulapa eppa, another body scrub. There were also herbal steam baths, traditional saunas, exfoliation treatments, detoxifying rituals and steam treatments.

As far as world records go, this has got to be the most relaxing of them yet!

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