Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fivelements Wins World Luxury Spa Awards 2013

So you’re feeling overworked, exhausted, sluggish and slow. Every day you rush from home to work and back, stopping only to grab a quick bite here and there and to fit in the occasional run (if that). Over time, stress, poor eating habits, and exposure to pollutants can cause toxins to build up in your body, which leads to weight gain, fatigue, lackluster skin, and an inability to focus sharply.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, a detox program may be the answer. You would be hard pressed to find a better place to undergo cleansing and detox than the Fivelements Puri Ahimsa in Ubud, awarded as the Best Luxury Destination Spa in Indonesia by World Luxury Spa Awards 2013.

About the Fivelements Puri Ahimsa
The Fivelements Puri Ahimsa is a holistic healing resort nestled on the banks of the sacred Ayung River. Here you will find seven exclusive suites in private pavilions overlooking the bubbling waters of the river. Each suite includes indoor/outdoor bathrooms with private enclosures and open-air stone bathtubs, soaring thatched roof ceilings, recycled timber floors, colorful gardens, and a direct phone line to your own personal concierge.

The resort also features tranquil riverside treatment rooms for Balinese healing therapies, the Sakti dining room, where you can order healthy raw vegan food, water healing pools, the Bidadari Beauty Sanctuary for rejuvenating treatments, sacred spaces for meditation and ceremonies, a boutique, and the laboratory, where a skilled team of healers creates herbal and natural homemade remedies.

Detoxing with Living Foods at the Fivelements
What you put in your body has a direct relation to how you feel and how you look on the outside. Upon arrival at the Fivelements, you can consult with a nutritionist to develop a customised diet and meal plan for the duration of your stay to aid in detoxification and purification. The holistic living foods diets focus on juice fasting, organic raw fruits and vegetables and vitamin and enzyme rich foods for optimal health, beauty, and vitality.

Tri Kaya Parisudha Retreat
This is the signature retreat at the Fivelements, and a complete healing and purifying package for the body, mind and soul. The retreat uses a combination of Balinese healing rituals such as massage, chakra balancing, and reflexology, raw living foods, and sacred arts such as yoga, dance, and meditation to cleanse your body from the inside out and encourage pure living practices. The Tri Kaya Parisudha Retreats run for 5, 7, 10, or 14 days, and are open to individuals, couples, and groups.

You can also mix and match the healing therapies and treatments that appeal to you at the Fivelements Puri Ahimsa. Popular therapies include Balinese massage, yoga, living foods diets, colon hydrotherapy, natural skin treatments and water healing. Even if you don’t take advantage of the amazing detoxification treatments here, the gorgeous setting, peaceful atmosphere, healthy food and holistic environment are sure to have you feeling refreshed and balanced after just a few days.

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