Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Traditional Body Treatment - Ayutaya Spa

Ayutaya Spa is located in the Jimbaran area where you can rest your body and soul surrounded by the beautiful Bali natural landscape.

All staff receive high quality training and offer high quality service complete from etiquette to spa treatment. The oil used is extracted from 100% natural ingredients, and together with the top skills of our therapists, we aim to relax and rejuvenate the body.

Ayutaya Spa Bali
Jl. Bingin Sari Pondok Belong (Kampus UNUD) Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia
Mobile : +62 81 338 201025 * SMS : +62 81 2389 7410

The Shirodara (1,5 Hours)Package Price 50.00 USD/person
Welcome drink upon arrival, Balinese Massage and Shirodara.

Foot Massage (1 Hour)
Package Price 35.00 USD/person
What could be better after a hard day shopping or sight seeing. Your feet will love it!!

Balinese Traditional Massage (1 Hour)Package Price 35.00 USD/person
It is Traditional massage of Bali. At the time of a massage and body becomes very light. Use fingertips, palm pressure and acupressure technique to relieve you from the most stubborn knots of tension in your muscles.

Traditional Facial (1 Hour)Package Price 35.00 USD/person
A treatment helps you to flushes off unused skin cells from your body, rejuvenate and soften your skins. Lighting your skin pore and smoothing your face.

Hair Treatment (1 Hour)Package Price 35.00 USD/person
Choice of cream : avocadoor ginseng or walnut or aloe vera.
The product which contain unique combinations to suit every hair type for a deluxe hair and scalp conditioning treatment. Complimentary traditional drink (Tamarined Juice).

Body Scrub (1 Hour)Package Price 30.00 USD/person
Choice of scrub : Green Tea or Coffee or Pearl.

Our body scrub bring you to complete satisfaction of renewed , glowing supple skin giving you silky and smooth feel to your skin. This ingredient nourish, moisturize, and hydrates the skin giving it a boost of youthfulness.

- Green tea scrub for repair the skinn cells from air pollution, good for non   rising & whitening your dry skin.
- Coffee scrub for deep clean your tired skin & take of your dead skin.
- Pearl scrub for whitening skin.

Manawa Massage (60 Minutes)Package Price 40.00 USD/person
It is the massage that mixed Balinese , Thai ancient style and Japanese “Shiatsu”.

Ayutaya Body Massage Butter (75 Minutes)
Package Price 50.00 USD/person

This menu features intense hydration for dried skin and sun-burnt skin through a massage using blended butter of cocoa, shea butter and aroma essence instead of aroma oils. It penetrates deeply into the skin and is popular for men who don’t like oil treatment.

Europian Massage (60 Minutes)
Package Price 40.00 USD/person
This massage is slightly vigorous, combines sport and aromatic massage techniques with Swedish massage in the core which is oil massage focusing on muscles and skeletons.\

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