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Special Spa by the Sea, Theta Spa Kuta Beach

  • Honey Love (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 167 USD/person Book Now
    Theta Body Massage/Live Borneo Honey & Sesame Scrub/Banana Leaf Wrap/Honey Milk Bath

    Only nature’s best remedies are used for this gorgeous sensory treat. First, let Theta’s signature massage take away your aches and pains, while the scent of our massage oil calms hurried thoughts. Once your tension melts, let live Borneo honey work its wonders as an antiseptic agent and emollient (great for acne-prone, sunburned, and troubled skin), while golden sesame seeds exfoliate and moisturize. Blanketed in nourishing live honey, your grateful skin will drink up all the essential nutrients, leaving your skin supple and hydrated. Wind down with a soak in our creamy Honey Milk Bath, sprinkled with fresh flower petals. Can you say heaven?

  • Chocolate Indulgence (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 171 USD/person Book Now
    Theta Body Massage/Chocolate & Almond Scrub/Honey Cocoon/The Ultimate Flower Bath

    Chocolate has been used as a potent natural aphrodisiac since ancient Aztec time. Now, it is also known for being a delectable skin-softener, as well as being rich in antioxidants, excellent for nourishing and making your skin appear more youthful. The delicious, thick aroma alone will uplift your mood and release feel-good endorphins. Start this to-die-for treatment with Theta’s signature massage. Next comes the chocolicious almond scrub. While the chocolate smoothes, nutrient-rich almonds buff and treat sensitive skin. Honey seals the goodness in before the Ultimate Flower Bath of ylang-ylang, jasmine, orange, and lemon sends you off to bliss. A treatment so luscious, it is (almost) sinful.

  • Summer celebration (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 167 USD/person Book Now
    Theta Body Massage/Fresh Mandarin Rind & Grated Ginger Scrub/Tropical Fruits Wrap/Spice Island Bath

    Holiday and celebration come together in each delightful step of this treatment. Be rid of useless knots and tension with our signature massage. Next up, toast the shining summer sun with our spicy mandarin and ginger scrub. Mandarin works to refine and rebalance the skin, while ginger stimulates circulation while infusing warm essential oil into your skin. Fruits and honey wrap then renders your skin so soft it’s almost good enough to eat, preparing you for the festive end (and beginning) of a true summer celebration: our Spice Island Bath. Walk out with an extra spring in your step.

  • Selamat Datang (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 125 USD/person Book Now
    Theta Body Massage/Sumatra Coffee Scrub/Tropical Fruits Wrap/Soul Warmer Bath

    This tropical pampering is designed to warmly welcome you to our paradise. After a thoroughly comforting massage with Theta’s choice of essential oils, Sumatran coffee is generously scrubbed to polish dead cells, detoxify and soothe sunburned skin. Turns out that the morning cup of joe is also good to minimize redness and help repair UV-damaged skin. After a refreshing slather of our selection of seasonal fruits’ extracts and live honey to further exfoliate and deep-moisturize, a Soul Warmer Bath of bergamot essence and fresh lemongrass will be drawn especially for you. An invigorating welcome greeting to you!

  • The Marine Morning Invigorator (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 125 USD/person Book Now
    Theta Body Massage/East Bali Sea Salt Scrub/Seaweed Wrap/Ocean Citrus Bath

    Best done in the morning to prepare your skin for sun exposure, begin with an invigorating wake-up massage. While the scent of our body oil stimulates your senses, sea-salt-scrub away yesterday’s grime with nature’s richest source of natural minerals and vital trace elements. With your circulation in check, wrap up in nutrient-rich seaweed to regenerate, nourish, and purify. While your skin drinks up all the goodness of the sea, finish this thalasso-tastic experience with our Ocean Citrus Bath. Before you can say “Ahoy, sailor!”, your skin will emerge refreshed, hydrated, and supple. Ready to take on the world?
  • Afternoon coffee blend (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 125 USD/person Book Now
    Theta Body Massage/Sumatra Coffee Scrub/Cooling Body Polish/Sunset Bath

    According to the Chinese ancient healing wisdom, in the afternoon, our body energy is focused on the liver and kidneys’ eliminating function. We combine this auspicious healing period of the day with coffee’s natural detoxifying property to deliver maximum benefit of this cellulite-reducing treatment. First comes the ever-so-soothing Theta massage, followed by a coffee rub down to assist in the removal of excess fluid retention. Cooling body polish of cucumber, carrot, and aloe vera replenishes lost moisture and firms the skin. Sail then to the sunset, fully invigorated, with the mandarin and ginger sea salt bath.

  • Tea purity (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 125 USD/person Book Now
    Theta Body Massage/Green Tea Rice Scrub/Seaweed Wrap/Chamomile Ginger Bath

    A renowned skin brightener, green tea is rich in beautifying antioxidants. After a good knot-releasing massage using one of our selection of essential oils, gently exfoliate using our green tea and rice powder scrub – perfect for sensitive, fragile skin. Soothe further with our seaweed wrap, blended with ginger and lemongrass to help penetrate the sea-derived nourishments deep into the skin. Finally, close your eyes and relax as the Chamomile Ginger Bath quiets your mind, warms your spirit, and lull you to blissful oblivion. Let us know if you need a wake up call.

  • Royal Javanese Lulur (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 125 USD/person Book Now
    Theta Body Massage/Javanese Lulur/Cooling Body Polish/Herbal Milk Bath

    When in doubt, do what princesses do. Validated by centuries of daily use in the royal palaces of Central Java, this smooth scrub of sandalwood, turmeric, and ground indigenous nuts effectively removes dead skin cells, promotes skin regeneration, and infuses the skin with a delicious spicy fragrance. Follow this royal beauty ritual with a cooling polish of moisturizing cucumber, aloe vera, and carrots. Then leave your skin to further soak in the mmm-mmm-goodness of vitamin-laden milk in our Herbal Milk Bath. After such a seriously pampering treat, relax and revel in your skin’s luminous radiance. We’ll hand back the tiara on your way out.

  • Theta Boreh (120 Minutes)
    Package Price 125 USD/person Book Now
    Theta Body Massage/Boreh Wrap/Jasmine Flower Scrub/Javanese Tea Bath.

    Passed down through generations of Balinese families and used as an everyday remedy for ailments ranging from the common cold and flu, rheumatism, to improving blood circulation, boreh is a scrub made of a concoction of various spices and herbs which cocoons the body in therapeutic heat, providing deep relief for fatigued, restless souls. After a preparatory massage, let our boreh paste expel toxins while improving skin elasticity. A scrub of jasmine flowers blended with sandalwood, turmeric, and rice sloughs pollutants off your skin, before our Javanese Tea Bath of patchouli and sandalwood balances the yin and yang in you.

  • Sun Soother (80 Minutes)
    Package Price 110 USD/person Book Now
    Too much lying under the sun? Never fret, our Sun Soother treatment will have you up and running (or lying on the beach for that matter) again, in no time. Start with a shower of tepid water. Soothe reddened skin with a wrap of cooling aloe vera gel and cucumber. While your skin absorbs this healing concoction, your therapist will massage your head, hands, and feet using gentle pressure to recuperate your body. To completely ease your body back into wellbeing, soak in our chamomile, lavender, and fresh cucumber bath for the ultimate relaxing soother. Who’s afraid of the big bad sun now?

  • Jet-lag Regulator (90 Minutes)
    Package Price 55 USD/person Book Now
    Bring order back into your confused body clock with this quick re-balancer. Get a cleansing foot soak of peppermint sea salt water, infused with ginger and lime to purify and refresh. A much-needed head and shoulder massage is next, releasing accumulated pressure, followed by a foot rub to circulate new energy and restore peace deep into your bones. Emerge with renewed vitality.

  • Divine Head Ritual (90 Minutes)
    Package Price 55 USD/person Book Now
    Head massage with jojoba oil good for hair/ hand massage/shoulder massage/ foot massage/ shampoo/blow dry

    This royal mane treatment was given to Javanese princesses as part of their beauty routines. Pure jojoba oil is poured onto the head, deep-conditioning the scalp and restoring shine to your hair. Stimulating head massage follows, improving circulation, clearing your mind, calming your thoughts. Conclude with a moisturizing ginseng crème bath infused with your choice of candlenut and aloe vera, egg yolk, or fresh lime juice, depending on your hair needs. You’ll leave with hair so soft and mind as clear as a bright summer’s day.

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