Monday, March 10, 2014

Special Packages at Lluvia Spa Kuta

  • Special Wellness (2 Hours)
    Package Price 55 USD/person Book Now
    Packages included:
    - Body Massage
    - Foot Reflexology

  • Special Indulgence (3 Hours)
    Package Price 75 USD/person Book Now
    Packages included:
    - Body Massage
    - Face Massage

  • Special Exotic (3 Hours)
    Package Price 90 USD/person Book Now
    Packages included:- Tradtional Lulur
    - Face Massage

  • LLuvia Pearl Spa (2 Hours)
    Package Price 70 USD/person Book Now
    Enjoy the luxury and benefits of pearl body spa treatment. Pearl Scrub and mask contain protein and natural moisturizers that have been proven to be very good for keeping skin smoothness and repair damaged skin. Begin aromatherapy massage to relax body and mind, this luxurious treatment will end with a flower bath and enjoy a cup of healthy soy bean drink.

  • Red Wine Spa (2 Hours)
    Package Price 70 USD/person Book Now
    Romantic spa treatment by using red wine and grape scrub which are rich in anti oxidant and vitamins to remove toxins in the skin and nourish the skin so it becomes fresh and silky. The combination of aromatherapy massage and red wine body wrapping will help you to relax body and mind. Soak in Red wine while sipping a glass of red wine, will complete your romantic spa experience.
  • Fruit Body Spa (2 Hours)
    Package Price 65 USD/person Book Now
    (Avocado, Cucumber , Strawberry, Coconut, Chocolate, Coffee, Green tea,) 

    Tropical fruits contain a very high nutrition and vitamin. We present fruit body spa to you as an excellent treatment to regain freshness and youthfulness of the skin. Start with aromatherapy massage to relax your tenses, this treatment will end with luxurious flower bath while you enjoying a glass of healthy tropical fruit juice.

  • Traditional Lulur (2 Hours)
    Package Price 65 USD/person Book Now
    Traditional Lulur Spa is a traditional Indonesia treatment which is well known and has been proven to soften the skin and remove dead skin cells. The natural ingredients such as turmeric and various types of tropical spices help to nourish your skin. This special treatment will begin with traditional body massage and will end with flower bath. A cup of ginger tea will keep you accompany as you relax and soak in the flower.

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