Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Zen Therapy Bali Packages at Suma Spa

Each of our treatment is preluded with 7 elements of Balinese Zen Ritual that focuses in your breath, body, senses, thoughts, experience, resonance, and one’s acceptance of himself, other people, and the universe.
  • Fountain of Energy (2, 5 Hours)
    Package Price 1150000 IDR/person Book Now
    True energy healing, a deep, pure relaxation stage. Through surrendering your mind and body, your energy will be fully recharged.
    A gentle process of Zen body exfoliation using mangosteen rind base scrub of your choice to take away all the rubble, followed by energy-charging Zen massage and skin nourishing session with Amethyst haven bath

  • Being True (2 Hour)
    Package Price 1010000 IDR/person Book Now
    Rediscover the holistic Zen ritual. A detoxifying solution that thoroughly cleanses your body and revives your skin.
    Zen Body exfoliation is followed by Detox with Zen Massage to deliver a total rebirth feeling and pamper skin with Zen body moisture.

  • Jet - Lag Recovery (2 Hour)
    Package Price 1010000 IDR/person Book Now
    A remedy haven for your exhausted physique. The zen therapy focuses in intense engagement that calms and soothes.
    Hot Herbal Chi is used to loosen up muscles, and relaxes them through Zen massage. Then the Zen Body accupoint and Zen Face accupoint are used to rebalance energy.

  • Hangover Remedy (2 Hour)
    Package Price 1150000 IDR/person Book Now
    An invigorating ritual that puts you back on your dynamic liveliness. The remedy eliminates toxins and negative energy in your body, leaving you content and refreshed.
    Muscle melting Hot Herbal Chi, followed by invigorating Zen body Massage and Zen Pancakarma Face energy to create a refreshed look. At the end is a warm soak of a rich  Aromatherapy Bath.

  • Temple Cleanse (3 Hours)
    Package Price 1380000 IDR/person Book Now
    A revitalization of your inner power through a series of Zen therapy cleansing treatments.
    Zen massage to reach a total balance, while body experiences a total rejuvenation by Zen Face accupoint, followed by gentle oil flow onto your third eye chakra aimed to clear the mind. Zen Hair treatment and Zen head massage doe wonder in clearing one’s mind.
  • Conscious Beauty (3,5 Hours)
    Package Price 1470000 IDR/person Book Now
    Beauty has a soul inseparable with health. By optimizing body’s biofeedback and synchronized flow of energy points, your natural beauty in its purest origin will emerge.
    Illuminating true beauty through a combination of body exfoliation, moistening mangosteen wrap, nourishing milk bath relaxing Zen Massage and sculpting facial treatment to restore skin cells and energy levels.

  • Mindfulness of Love (3 Hours)
    Package Price 1280000 IDR/person Book Now
    Share a precious intimate moment with your loved one on a most relaxing escape. Get carried away to an almost surreal destination of redefined indulgence.
    Zen body Exfoliation,  Zen Massage, and  Zen Cakra balancing, Zen Head Massage and face accupoint, and to complete the journey is  a luxurious Zen Aromatherapy bath
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