Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Well Being Special Spa Packages

From among our selection of aromatic herbs, essential oils, floral baths and relaxing massages, you can allow yourself to be pampered in just the way you deserve.

  • The Splendor of Well Being (two therapist) (4 Hours)
    Package Price 90.00 USD/person Book Now
    This very special package begins with traditional Balinese body scrub using either Aloe Vera or Seaweed extracts to awaken your skin’s natural glow. Then an aromatherapy ozone spa where the warm water enhances relaxation of all you muscles. Our special Well Being massage is followed by a choice of Aloe Vera, seaweed, or floral extract facial.

    A hand and foot massage is included for your total relaxation. Finally hair and scalp are conditioned using creme conditioner and your experience complete with manicure and pedicure. Truly splendid, this package leaves your feeling health and revitalized ready to experience the wonder of Bali Splendour!
  • The Touch of Well Being (3 Hours)
    Package Price 75.00 USD/person Book Now
    Begin this well being experience with an exfoliating body scrub where a blend of granular herbal extracts is applied to your skin. This traditional Balinese body polish, called Lulur, is then applied and your skin is buffed to a beautiful smooth finish. A cooling preparation of Aloe Vera or Seaweed extracts is the smoothed over to Nourish the skin.

    Soak a while in our aromatherapy ozone spa whilst sipping Health tea, know is for its internal cleansing properties, and relax.Last but not least, the experience a full body massage where your choice of Aloe Vera , Seaweed or floral extracts are gently massage into the face to stimulate, hydrate, nourish and beautify your skin. Complete your experience with a hand and foot massage and feel refreshed ready to experience the touch of Bali.

  • The Essence of Well Being (2 Hours)
    Package Price 67.00 USD/person Book Now
    Pamper your self with relaxing facial treatment and choose from Aloe Vera, Seaweed and floral facial with your skin thoroughly cleansed and balance, treat your hair and scalp to a conditioning cream massage. Included with a manicure and pedicure that leaves you relaxed and beautiful from head to toe.

  • Ayurvedic India Meets Bali: Shiro-Dhara (1,5 Hours)
    Package Price 59.00 USD/person Book Now
    First, bathing the body with warm water with Indian scented oil. An ancient Balinese mantra in Sanskrit relaxes and harmonizes. Then, gentle touch on chakra and pressure points brings balance, with a mantra to harmonize and relax the breath and body. Next, the classic Ayurvedic Shiro-Dhara a gentle warm oil trickle on your forehead induces a deeply peaceful state. A head, neck and shoulder massage follows as you relax and enjoy a traditional Indian tea, such as chai. Finally, the hair is conditioned and rinsed. Leaves you feeling deeply peaceful and happy.

  • Wellbeing Slimming Beauty (3 Hours)
    Package Price 75.00 USD/person Book Now
    Enjoy our beauty slim water bathing. Then full body massage using special oil or cream which has highly effective for slimming to burn excess fat and reducing cellulite from your body. Apply slimming beauty mask to your body. Enjoy refreshing facial together. Finally enjoy slimming beauty bath using special herbs to excess cellulite and fat. You will enjoy relaxing moment with gorgeous treatment.
  • Wellbeing Delights Combination (4 Hours)
    Package Price 85.00 USD/person Book Now
    This special package highlights delights of our Bali Pure and Original Java treatments. To begin, an Asian three-point massage using Balinese, Thai & Japanese pressure point techniques with selected oil, followed by a Balinese & Javanese recipe body scrub & Balinese body masque. Then, a fruit bath with Green Tea & fresh oriental herbs. Next, a light refreshing facial of fresh fruit & plant extracts, blended with honey bee pollen to soften & enliven the complexion. Lastly, an Asian cream bath revitalizes the hair, with a neck & shoulder massage to relax & renew.

  • Honey Bee Beauty Wrap (Some with 2 Therapists) (3 Hours)
    Package Price 85.00 USD/person Book Now
    This very special package soothes & nutrifies with pure honey. First, a traditional Bali body scrub of fresh fruit extracts. Next, a honey banana leaf full body wrap with tropical fruit & banana, to soften, nourish & soothe the skin. Followed by a warm fruit honey flower bath, relaxing muscle tension. Then, a health & beauty facial massage with Balinese fresh fruits, honey, & bee pollen, as a second therapist offers a total rejuvenation hand & foot massage.
    Finally, rich hair & scalp conditioning in a rejuvenating crème of fresh fruits. Complete with full manicure/ pedicure during hair treatment if you wish. A truly memorable package leaving you feeling healthy, revitalised & ready to enjoy the wonders of beautiful Bali.

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