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Toya Body Spa Treatment Nusa Dua Bali

Beauty - Traditional Facial (1 Hour
Package Price 35.00 USD/person Book Now
Natural product and technique traditional create beauty nad softness of the face skin. Get the fresh face skin, smooth and shine.
  • Beauty - Honey Facial (1 Hour)
    Package Price 35.00 USD/person Book Now
    Very rich honey of vitamin and mineral, very good to rejuvenate and nutrient of face.
  • Beauty - Spirit Facial (1,5 Hours)
    Package Price 45.00 USD/person Book Now
    Spirit facial create beauty inside out with special face massage technique and pure product touch. Feel the amazing sensation of this treatment.
  • Beauty - Creambath (1 Hour)
    Package Price 35.00 USD/person Book Now
    Hair and Scalp treatment, washing your hair with shampoo, choose your cream for creambath (avocado, ginseng, carrot, normal) and enjoy the massage from head, neck and shoulder, continued with head steam and pampered with hair tonic and vitamins.

  • Body Treatments - Lulur (2 Hours)
    Package Price 50.00 USD/person Book Now
    Lulur is ancient heritage from indonesia which on the old times, is used only by kings on the kingdom's occasion/event. Lulur is an effective way to lift up any soil and insensitive skin, loose unpleasant body odor, prevent wrinkles, create a shinny skin. The ingridients were made from wild ginger, cinnamon, lotus seed, and other selective traditional ingredients.
  • Body Treatments - Nyuh Gading (2 Hours)
    Package Price 50.00 USD/person Book Now
    Nyuh Gading is a coconut fruit that are frequently used at religious event. It is very useful for the body to make your skin shinning, lift up any insensitive skin, give good for the skin. It is made from coconut, lotus seed, green bean mixed with efficacious spices.
  • Body Treatments - Boreh (2 Hours)
    Package Price 50.00 USD/person Book Now
    Boreh is a very efficacious ingredients for Balinese people from the old times until the present time, which were used to loose any muscle ache, repair the blood circulation, rheumatic, warm up body, release you from cacthing cold. The ingredients were made from preventred rice, galingale and high quality spices.
  • Body Treatments - Usada Bali (2 Hours)
    Package Price 50.00 USD/person Book Now
    The Usada Bali is made from the leaf of dadap mixed with aloe leaf and other efficacious leaf as a medicine. This Usada is used for treating scars, sunburned skin, refresh and moisturize the skin.
  • Body Treatments - Avocado (2 Hours)
    Package Price 50.00 USD/person Book Now
    Avocado is a natural source of beauty for the skin, full of vitamin and natural oils that will give your skin smoothness and natural glow.
  • Body Treatments - Honey Treatment (1,5 Hours)
    Package Price 45.00 USD/person Book Now
    Honey is the materials are very rich of vitamin and mineral. Honey combined with lemon is good for freshness and skin nutrient.
  • Body Treatments - Milk Bath Masker (2 Hours)
    Package Price 50.00 USD/person Book Now
    Milk with protein content and calcium assist in growth and health. Milk is also utilized as treatment of the body good for nutrient, whiten, anti oxidant, moiturizer, prevent, wrinkles and create a shinny skin. Made of milk full cream, skim milk, grist seed, vanilla, lotus seed and bengkuang.
  • Body Treatments - Seaweed Masker (2 Hours)
    Package Price 50.00 USD/person Book Now
    The richness of the ocean has a lot of potential for the health and beauty. Seaweed is one of the most powerfull ingrediant that help clear the skin of toxins nutrient, prevent wrinkles, create a shinny skin and anti aging. The seaweed masker is a combination of seaweed, lotus seed, roots, bengkuang and green bean.
  • Massage - Balinese Massage (1 Hour)
    Package Price 35.00 USD/person Book Now
    Massage using Balinese technical, acupressure, pressure and clap perfect for blood circulation, stress release and relaxation the body lightness.
  • Massage - Aromatheraphy Massage (1 Hour)
    Package Price 35.00 USD/person Book Now
    Aromatherapy combined with massage, good pressure to relax the body and bring peace to the soul.
  • Massages & Scrubs - Shiatsu Massage (1 Hour)
    Package Price 35.00 USD/person Book Now
    Working on specific points of the body to improve blood circulation, metabolism and health.
  • Massage - Foot Massage (1 Hour)
    Package Price 30.00 USD/person Book Now
    Foot is one part of the body is health mystery to organ body be like liver, heart, etc. massaging, emphasis point of foot give health and freshness.
  • Massage - Head Massage (1 Hour)
    Package Price 40.00 USD/person Book Now
    Healty head make the good mind, massaging by using warm oil at head improve circulation of blood , oxygen, eliminate stress and fatigue.
  • Massage - Stone Massage (2 Hours)
    Package Price 65.00 USD/person Book Now
    Warm natural stone transmit energy heat glide above very assist relaxes muscle, lighten theemotion effect , improve circulation of blood, and have the downhill effect body cholesterol.
  • Miracles - Abyanga (1 Hour)
    Package Price 45.00 USD/person Book Now
    Technique massaging of India Bali with both hand, warm oil with essential to be smeared at body to improve circulation of blood, relaxes, keep balance the water composition, fire and wind in body.
  • Miracles - Shirodara (1,5 Hours)
    Package Price 55.00 USD/person Book Now
    The exclusive treatment begins with a steady stream of warm oil to direct on the forehead in a unique theraphy combined with silent body position designed to relieve mental tensions and provide a calm state of mind. The regular rhythm has a good effect for peacefulness and mind.
  • Miracles - Ayur Dehi (3,5 Hours)
    Package Price 120.00 USD/person Book Now
    Ayur Dehi consists of the word ayur and dehi. Ayur mean healthy and dehi mean to give. Become ayur dehi mean to give health us. The massage is aimed at loosening the excess doshas. Ayur Dehi is treatment of foot head shall good to keeping in good health, balance the water element, wind and fire.
  • Miracles - Honeymoon Treatment (2 Hours)
    Package Price 55.00 USD/person Book Now
    Honeymoon is the most precious time in a marriage, full of passion, emotions and romance. This treatment will add the zest of life, spirit, romance and love. This formula made from chocholate body butter, chocolate cinnamon body scrub and chocholate mask.
  • Miracles - Toxi Spa (2 Hours)
    Package Price 60.00 USD/person Book Now
    Smoke pollution cause Toxins on the air increase. Toxins/Oxidant very dangerous to health. Toxi Spa is the treatment good to preventing and eliminates toxins/oxidant in the body.
  • Sauna/Steam and Jacuzzi (30 Minutes)
    Package Price 20.00 USD/person Book Now
    Sauna/Steam and Jacuzzi.
  • Aroma Flower Bath (30 Minutes)
    Package Price 15.00 USD/person Book Now
    Aroma Flower Bath.
  • Balinese Coustume (1,5 Hours)
    Package Price 35.00 USD/person Book Now
    Balinese Costume utilized if any religious ceremony, immortalizing sweet memory during in bali by using Balinese Costume. Sure looked to be like people of bali.
  • Massage Course (1,5 Hours)
    Package Price 35.00 USD/person Book Now
    Skilled hand dance above body and in between muscle pause. This matter can master with patience of trainer teach participant of courses. Skilled hand squeeze fresh body health family.
  • Body Treatments - Green Tea (2 Hours)
    Package Price 55.00 USD/person Book Now
    Tea is something we need in life. Tea is popular ingredients for body health. This treatment will clear your skin from dead cells, giving the body nutrient, deodorize body, brightening the skin, anti oxidant, anti skin cancer and cellulite. The combination of green tea, white rice, green bean, soy bean, orange, lotus, and essential cempaka, frangipani well be used for heavenly treatment.

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