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Bali Holistic Yoga Retreats

Bali Holistic Yoga Retreats at The Yoga Barn - Ubud, Bali

The Yoga Barn works in conjunction with the organizers of to bring you ongoing Residential Retreats at The Yoga Barn!

Are you ready for a complete rejuvenation and the beginning of a life transformation?
Do you want to feel and look younger, have more energy, and learn how live a healthier lifestyle?
Would you love to have fun doing it?

If the answer is "YES" to any of these, then A Cleanse at The Yoga Barn, Ubud is the right choice for you.

Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Spirit!

The Yoga Barn Cleanse & Detox Walk-In and Residential Retreats

What does it mean to Cleanse or 'Detox'?
At The Yoga Barn, we take the integration of our body, mind and Spirit to heart. To cleanse on a physical level, we use simple and effective techniques proven over millennia - internal cleansing, fasting, meditation, breath work, yoga, enemas and colon hydrotherapy as well as the healing properties of whole fresh foods and natural herbs.

When our bodies are out of balance, everything in our lives is affected - our physical health, our relationships, our energy levels, our weight, the way we do our jobs and manage stress and even how we feel about ourselves. Periodic cleansing revitalizes the body and enables it to recharge and heal itself.

We have two Cleanse Programs to choose from:

The 7-day Detox Retreat is offered once monthly. This life-changing experience includes colonics, massage, daily yoga classes, Shamanic Balinese healing ceremonies, meditation and many a la carte choices from our Kush Ayurvedic Rejuvenation spa therapies and the Yoga Barn's world-class holistic healers. TheDetox Retreat is the best option if you would like a fully supported experience while building community with other cleansers.

You next chance to Detox...

    January 22-28, 2014
    February 19-25, 2014
    April 23-29, 2014
    June 11-17, 2014
    July 23-29, 2014
    August 20-26, 2014

The 3-day Foundation Cleanse - The "juicing quickie", includes an initial consultation to tailor your stay with us, as well as one colon hydrotherapy session, daily far infrared sauna, 3 yoga classes, daily green juices, fresh coconut water and kefir shots!

The Foundation Cleanse is a drop-in program with Day 1 "intake days on: Thursdays, Friday, Saturdays and Sundays!

The Foundation Cleanse is the best option if you want more freedom to design your days as you choose.

Please note that the Yoga Barn Foundation Cleanse will NOT run during the following dates, due to the ever-popular Detox Retreat Week monthly!

    Feb 17-26, 2014
    Apr 21-30, 2014
    Jun 9-18, 2014
    Jul 21-30, 2014
    August 18-27, 2014
    October 20-29, 2014
    December 15-24, 2014

Both cleansing options include a naturopath-designed herbal regimen, a Yoga Barn gift bag and extensive educational materials and tools to better understand 'cleansing' and how to integrate it into your life when you leave!

Yoga Barn on-site accommodation is available when reserved in advance.

For more details please email:

Bali Spa Centre - Balispa.Net - Br. Tegahe No. 2 Sempidi - Mangupura Bali - Indonesia. Phone: +62 361 8501022 Mobile: +62 81 338 201025 SMS: +62 81 2389 7410 Email:

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