Saturday, September 7, 2013

Treatment Today 7/9/2013

6 Person Zen Stone Therapy (1,40 Hours) - Off 25 % From Our Publish

Suma Spa introduces a strong concept that drives the customers into the Zen, the art of  emptiness. Suma Spa promotes that silence is golden to the customers. The silence of Bali will create an alpha state that allows energy transfer in the treatment process. Suma Spa stands out because it promises to bring Balinese Zen, even in the middle of crowded and dusty Kuta.
  • Zen Massage (1,5 Hours)
    Package Price 500000 IDR/person Book Now
    An improvement of your sense of well-being through a combination of remedial massage, osteopathy, and body accupoint to activate the endocrine hormone and biofeedback system.

  • Zen Facial (1,15 Hours)
    Package Price 500000 IDR/person Book Now
    A radiant and bright youthful on your outer physique as a result of face accupoint and face lymphatic techniques. A complete facial rejuvenation process that yields freely breathing skin.
  • Zen Stone Therapy (1,40 Hours)
    Package Price 690000 IDR/person Book Now
    Where body and soul meet, opening and closing spirals of energy patterns for a whole recovery process. An intense massage with basalt stone, leaving the muscle deeply relaxed and recharging it with energy

  • Zen Sirodhara (1 Hour)
    Package Price 820000 IDR/person Book Now
    Opens a third eye cakra that clears mind, relieves pain, and radiates beauty through gentle oil flow treatment.

  • Zen Crown Chakra-Hair Treatment (1 Hour)
    Package Price 690000 IDR/person Book Now
    A treatment that focuses on crown cakra with deep pressures of the thumb and fingers that entrusts a powerful effect for the body and helps maintain a vigorous shape. Through the use of Virgin Coconut Oil, this treatment also nourishes the hair.

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