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Spa Today (29/09/2013)

Bali Orchid Spa
JL.By Pass Ngurah Rai No108 Suwung Kauh Kuta Bali

Bali Orchid Spa is special concept in Spa service provide in the Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua area.
The confort of a Balinese style spa room combines with an exotic tropical garden and the relaxing effect of waterfall in each room. The Balinese believe that the body, mind and spirit work in harmony. The health and well being of all make the whole happy.

Orchid Lulur Packages (2 Hours)  -Special Domestik Market Rp. 300.000/person

Package Price 65 USD/person Book Now
Package included:
* Thalasso foot wash
* Balinese massage
* Body scrub
* Yogurt moisturizer
* Flower bath

Orchid Chocolate Packages (2 Hours)
Package Price 70 USD/person Book Now
Package included:
* Thalasso foot wash
* Steam
* Balinese massage
* Chocolate rub
* Milk Moisturizer
* Flower bath

Inko Bali Spa Club
Jl.By Pass Ngurah Rai No.639

This spa has original massage method, and Inko Bali Club’s method is registered as the trademark in Indonesia. Inko massage was created by the combination of Inko Bali original method and the special massage methods in Southeast Asia countries. The massage has good effect for stiffness of a whole body, and you feel relieve after the massage. Change your clothes to the pajama, and enjoy elegance time with Non-oil whole body massage.

Household (INKO) Thai Massage (2 Hours)
Package Price 35 USD/person Book Now
The original massage that becomes the registered trademark in the Indonesia !

It is an original massage of INKO BALI which mixes the latest massage theory, chiropractic, shiatsu, qigong, yoga, a Thailand type massage, sports massage. It correct a gap of a frame at a normal position and revive a function of a muscle and the nervous system which declined.
In addition, I drain an internal waste material and fatigue by letting I promote a flow of blood and the lymph and activate and heal everyday fatigue.

- INKO BALI Original Massage
- Ginger Tea

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