Monday, September 9, 2013

Best Treatment Last Week

Small Group at Bali Ratu Tiara Spa on 07 September 2013 ( 14 Person on 4 pm )
Jl. Kartika Plaza No.18 Kuta Bali - Indonesia

Body Treatment - Strawberry Milk Bath (2 Hours)
Packages Price 84 USD/person Book Now
Relaxation & rejuvenating treatment with controlling surplus skin’s oil by Strawberry. The strawberry has rich vitamin and keep your skin elastic and healthy.
* Flower foot bath
* Traditional Balinese massage (with choices of body massage oil)
* Strawberry body scrub to remove dead skin cells, give nutrition and leave your skin smooth and healthy
* Strawberry milk body pack (to stretch and moisturize your skin)
* Fresh lemon and flower bath
* Fresh strawberry juice will be served.

Detox & Jacuzzi Bath (2,5 Hours)
Packages Price 120 USD/person Book Now
Unique treatment by using detox product will be effective for bring out the toxic caused by fatigue, constipation and reduce fat. Packages price included :
* Detox foot bath
* Herbal body steam
* Detox  body scrub (To remove dead skin cells and bring out the toxic)
* Detox  body mask to reduce fat (while face pressure point will be given)

* Essential sea salt Jacuzzi bath (for relieve muscle tension and relaxation) while mix juice
  papaya and tomato will be served
* Detox body massage (Using special technique to be better your blood circulation)

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