Monday, August 19, 2013

Spassion Bali Spa - Favorite Treatment

Favorite Spa Treatments (2,5 Hours) - USD 88.00/Person

The staffs at Spassion are highly trained, well mannered and immaculately attired. The therapists possess a thorough knowledge of the treatments, products and essential oils. Massage is delivered with the focus on rhythm, flow, and long connective strokes, combined with firm, consistent pressure.

Fruit bath Tutti Fruiti
Enhance your skin vitality which surely makes it radiant, nourished and subtly scented. Process: foot spa, fruit scrub, steam, massage, mask, fruit bath, fruitY body lotion.

Heavenly Bali
This treatment eases away your stress, helps you to relax, moisturize your skin and give you a luxurious heavenly pampering bath experiences. Process: foot spa, lavender milk scrub, steam, aromatherapy massage, mask, lavender milk bath, body lotion.

Essence of Love
An excellent combination of rose and geranium essence to soothe & pamper the body, leaving it soft and sensual. Process: foot spa, chamomile & rose scrub, steam, massage with rose geranium & rose petal oil, rose geranium & herbal clay mask, lavender & rose petal bath soak, rose geranium body lotion.
Tropical Soothing An exotic blend of vanilla and lavender with a hint of citrus to soothe & replenish the skin, while calming & relaxing the mind. Process: foot spa, vanilla scrub, steam, body massage with vanilla, orange & lavender oil, vanilla mask, vanilla bath soak, vanilla, orange & lavender body lotion.

Paradise Escape

Relaxes body and mind while cooling your body with essential oils of peppermint and lemon. Effective to reinvigorate & improve the skin appearance. Process: foot spa, scrub, steam, massage, mask, herbal bath, body lotion.

Chocolate Honey Enjoy chocolate without a single calorie which surely soothes your senses, at the same time reaping the benefits from cocoa coating which breaks down harmful free radical & wrinkle causing molecules. Process: foot spa, chocolate scrub, steam, chocolate honey massage, chocolate mask, chocolate honey bath, body lotion.

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