Friday, August 30, 2013

Sanur Mobile Spa “On The Go”

Keraton Day Spa Services
Keraton Day Spa is established in Bali, the world’ spa destination island, years showed us the lucrative and significantly increment business as the most favorite spa destination.
As renowned resort living, Bali is filled with accommodation facilitation from hotels, resorts as well as villa together with apartments and other establishments as accommodation business in Bali. Altogether with accommodations facilities development it came hand in hand with holiday activities, events, and incentives.
Keraton Day Spa is established to offer spa services for the clients; the services are practical and available any time for any occasion of business events, family events, activities and incentives.

It’s Keraton Day Spa “on the go” unique service; especially designed for business events, family events, activities and incentives as on-site spa-party, in-villa spa service, mini treatment service and spa products.
-  Mobile Spa on the go
-  Mobile Spa regular service
-  Mobile spa on full day service
-  Spa Operator

Keraton Day Spa On The Go.
Keraton Day Spa On The Go program is focused specifically on mini treatments program with short duration time of 20 minutes; all treatments are minus oil usage treatment and all treatment are decent to conduct at open air area such garden, hall even in a exhibition without drapery.
They are:
- 20 minutes back massage (sitting face-down)
- 20 minutes foot massage (sitting down)
- 20 minutes mini manicure (buffed and nail polished)
- 20 minutes mini pedicure (buffed and nail polished)
- 20 minutes head massage (optional)

All those mini treatments are suitable for:
- At a general assembly meeting (during coffee breaks or lunch)
- At an exhibition or a new product launching (during exhibition)
- Outbound activities
- Spa party for wedding or birthday party or gatherings
The benefit to have a mini treatment during an event is the activities is getting more merrier and will be memorable for all participants.
Equipment prepared for these activities:
Back-massage chair, all equipment necessary for foot massage, manicure and pedicure

Keraton Day  Spa on regular service
The regular service program is purposely aimed for those clients with particular spa treatment according to our spa menu available; they are:
- Body Massage
- Body Scrub
- Body Wrap
- Facial
- Cream-bath
- Manicure
- Pedicure

This program also available on-site for establishments such:
- Villa
- Hotel
- Apartments, Residential house
All necessary equipments for treatment will be prepared: portable bed massage, linens, and all necessities for a treatment.

Keraton Day Spa  on full day service
Full Day service ia a Keraton Day Spa’s unique program designed for 5 hours treatments within villa or residential house with 7 hours attendance of Keraton day Spa’s therapists stand by. Treatment can be conducted full-treatment according to Keraton Day Spa’s menu available.
This program is very suitable for:
- Pre-wedding
- Spa party
- Hen party – Gatherings—Arisan
All necessary equipments will be prepared and ready such bed massage, linens, and all necessities needed for full-treatment.

Keraton Day Spa Operator
Operator is one our unique program specifically designed to operate spa facility in a villa that does not have spa facility on the spot yet having such high demand for spa service for their guests.
The benefit of this program are:
- Therapists availability whenever the guest request a spa treament
- All treatments in the menu are available to be carried out in the vicinity/villa
- All equipments and necessities prepared by Keraton Day Spa as the Operator
- Flexible working hours (can be arranged according to the occupation)

Spa products
Keraton Day Spa always use quality standard materials. All products are hygiene, natural and the ingredients of the material can be accounted for. And if needed will be explained the composition of the raw material use in the product.

Spa equipments
For all activities in the Spa On The Go, Keraton Day Spa will prepare and organise all equipments that used in the activities; they are:
- Portable massage bed
- Linens
- Sarong/sarung
- Hand towel
- Other equipments as deemed necessary with requested treatments

Spa Therapists
Keraton Day Spa therapists are qualified and decent presentation with discreet and circumspect manners
Working Hours
09.00 – 18.00
Working Areas;
Will be located accordingly upon request
Spa Treatments
- Body Massage
- Body Scrub
- Body Wrap
- Facial
- Manicure
- Pedicure
- Creambath

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