Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Keraton Day Spa - Sanur Spa Mobile

Welcome to Keraton Day Spa

Bali Island, the island of the beauties, is the most favorite leisure island for International and Domestic visitor. Bali is also world-known as the Spa destination island with its natural resources and natural beauty that inspire everyone to even develop more the Spa tradition.

Spa has become more of a need in modern lifestyle, with its phase of quickness and instantly done. Keraton Day Spa is setting itself as a destination to be rejuvenated, and providing services for everyone to enjoy being ‘Reborn’ and feel ‘Elevated’.

Keraton Day Spa is a new Spa destination with experienced and trained staff with taking the activities as its daily priority. By combining these experiences with innovative and modern technology, series of beautiful Spa treatments are compiled with the harmonization between the nature beauty of earth and legendary Indonesian massage tradition.

Located at Jalan Danau Buyan no. 13A, Sanur, Denpasar; Keraton Day Spa, with holistic concept of services, is becoming the center destination for women beauty and health. Women of “Keraton”, that are filled with positive energies compelling with world today.

Contact us and consult with us to receive suitable Spa treatment for the better you.

Call Us : 081 338 20 10 25 or 0361 8501022

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