Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Royal Balinese Ancient Treatment ( Balinese Herbal ) (2 Hours) 87 USD/person
Royal Refreshing Treatment ( Tropical Fruit ) (3 Hours) 103 USD/person
Royal Harum Sanjiwani ( Indonesian Flower ) (2 Hours) 88 USD/person
Bali Jamu Massage ( Herbal Balls ) (2,5 Hours) 95 USD/person
Royal Sunburnt Recovery ( Sunburn Skin ) (2 Hours) 88 USD/person
Royal Ayurvedic Ritual (2 Hours) 89 USD/person

Welcome to Royal Balinese Spa

Royal Balinese spa present to you a different sensation from other spa in bali with a variety of treatments is available and we use a variety of traditional quality ingredients to provide high quality spa. We have many kind of treatments, such as our signature balinese massage, shirodara, bali jamu massage, honeymooners package.

About Royal Balinese Spa

Royal Balinese Spa provides a variety of unique treatments of traditional Balinese Kingdom. You will be pampered from head to toe like a king and queen of Bali. Our spa promote healthy body, mind and soul, you will enjoy the scenery of mangroves and sea from our huge rooms while you enjoy and feel the treatment. Our treatments is carried out by the therapists who have experience both within and outside the country.