Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Royal Balinese Ancient Treatment ( Balinese Herbal ) (2 Hours) 87 USD/person
Royal Refreshing Treatment ( Tropical Fruit ) (3 Hours) 103 USD/person
Royal Harum Sanjiwani ( Indonesian Flower ) (2 Hours) 88 USD/person
Bali Jamu Massage ( Herbal Balls ) (2,5 Hours) 95 USD/person
Royal Sunburnt Recovery ( Sunburn Skin ) (2 Hours) 88 USD/person
Royal Ayurvedic Ritual (2 Hours) 89 USD/person

Welcome to Royal Balinese Spa

Royal Balinese spa present to you a different sensation from other spa in bali with a variety of treatments is available and we use a variety of traditional quality ingredients to provide high quality spa. We have many kind of treatments, such as our signature balinese massage, shirodara, bali jamu massage, honeymooners package.