Monday, August 8, 2011

Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

The body is like a symphony. All parts must be in complete harmony with each other in order for a masterpiece to occur. It’s no wonder that we only achieve ideal health when our body, mind, and spirit find perfect peace and harmony with one another.

Massage therapy has risen above the term “alternative therapy”. Current day, it’s a vital part of the health care practices of many people living in today's stress-heavy world.

Traditional healthcare facilities throughout North America are finally recognizing the important therapeutic benefits that massage therapy lends its patients. Of late, massage therapy has become integral to the health care industry. It’s used to treat every patient imaginable – those with illnesses, chronic diseases, and also average people who are looking to attain a higher sense of well-being, and inner and outer harmony.

Recently, Health Forum released their annual survey, conducted on behalf of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). The new national survey polled hospitals and clinics across the nation on their use of massage therapy. The survey revealed that the number of hospitals that now offer massage therapy as a patient service has increased by more than one third over the past two years. This means that American hospitals have recognized the benefits that massage affords patients, and as a result 71 percent are now offering massage therapy for stress management, patient comfort, improved joint and muscle mobility, pregnancy, physical therapy, infant care, as part of their post- and per-operative regimes and to comfort those in hospice facilities.

Of those surveyed:

* 67% now offer massage to patients experiencing chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia.
* 52% of those hospitals surveyed have incorporated massage into their cancer care programs.
* 52% now offer massage to physically-challenged or rehab patients to improve mobility.
* 67% of those hospitals surveyed even offer healing hands to their staff to cut down on work-related stress and illnesses.

Solid research has proven that massage therapy can:

* Boost the immune system
* Significantly lower blood pressure
* Comfort those going through drug or alcohol withdrawal
* Sooth chronic joint and muscle pain
* Battle fatigue
* Ease stress
* Combat depression

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