Friday, August 19, 2011

Menu Rei Spa a Legacy of Wellness

Pure Harmony (150 Minutes)
Package Price 102.85 USD/person 

This rejuvenating ritual has been created to ignite the senses and begins with a gentle foot bath to pamper one of the most neglected parts of the body. A traditional body massage continues the ritual using a combination of long finger strokes and palm pressure to relive the effects of a modern lifestyle and evoke deep relaxation. Pure Harmony concludes with a refreshing fruit bath and healthy drink with condiment.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sensual Massage

Massage therapy has evolved over the years, and today has taken on a more medically oriented therapeutic approach.

Still, many people are unclear about the huge difference between sensual massages and therapeutic massages. For a massage therapy treatment, the therapist is dressed very professionally, and a health history form must be filled out on the first visit. The general health questions are necessary since there are some conditions massage is not suitable for.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bali Ratu Tiara Spa

The Meaning of "Ratu" in Balinese is Queen. The treatment will be in conformity with the natural treatment of the Queen in a Palace and feel the satisfaction and perfection. Your Satisfaction is our Dream.

Massage and Stress

Massage therapy is one of the best antidotes for anxiety

Prolonged periods of stress can negatively affect many systems of the body.

Stress has been shown to aggravate, or even cause, such problems as heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, memory loss and decreased immune function. But it doesn't just contribute to physical ailments. Stress can sap joy from your life, cause seemingly inexplicable fatigue, and leave you less able to enjoy your relationships and leisure activities.

Loved ones can become unfortunate victims of stress in your life. You will find yourself less patient and less able to mentally engage with the people you care about.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage treats the whole body and mind

Many of today's health problems can benefit from massage therapy because the manipulation of soft tissues affects so many of our bodily systems.

The benefits of massage are extensive. Massage therapy treatments will have a therapeutic affect and improve health by acting directly on the muscular, nervous, circulatory and lymphatic (immune) systems.

Massage treatments aim to:

- Develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function - Massage therapy has become a staple of many professional athletes' training regimens. But not just athletes. Lifestyle factors, such as long work hours or physically taxing tasks, lead many members of the workforce to seek the assistance of a massage therapist. A seemingly minor injury can have a profound impact on a person's ability to stay physically active, participate fully in life, or even make a living if it becomes chronic. Massage therapy can be one of the ways of preventing that kind of outcome.

Feng Shui

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. Have you ever walked into a room and felt so uneasy that you just had to get out of there? Or the opposite, felt so comfortable that you could move right in? Then you have experienced the effects of feng shui.

Each day you go out into the world to achieve and accomplish your daily goals and tasks. However, each day you also run into many obstacles and challenges that make it difficult to achieve those goals. A broken water pipe that occurs just as you rush out late for work is just one example of just such an obstacle.

However regardless of the problem, you rise to the challenge and overcome the obstacle. This is because you have achieved good feng shui. This complimentary therapy helps you to cope with disaster and to overcome problems. You will be able to deal with each problem as it arises without frustration, all because you have created good chi.

Anika Spa Tuban Kuta Bali

The best spa in Bali. Most comfortable and luxurious place for ayurveda packages, stone massage, chocolate treatment to refresh your body and soul.

Inspired by the beauty of Bali's natural environs, Anika Spa presents a natural relaxation and treatment assortment for health and beauty. Spa guests experience treatments from head to toe, and find it a perfect way to indulge in holiday pleasure, reviving, energizing, refreshing and pampering their way into a brighter complexion.

Anika Spa offers a complete range of body treatments for stress reduction and restoring health and beauty, and is a total retreat in the name of wellbeing.

Monday, August 8, 2011

What Is Massage Therapy?

Body therapy is a fast-growing trend

Massage therapy is fast-growing profession, for one thing. Two decades ago, massage therapy was virtually unknown. But in the interim, public interest has grown. Many insurance companies have started to recognize the benefits of skilled practitioners. Consumer interest coupled with insurance company funding has led to more practicing therapists and more accreditation programs.

Massage therapy is a hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues and joints of the body. The soft tissues include muscle, skin, tendons and associated fascia, ligaments and joint capsules.

Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

The body is like a symphony. All parts must be in complete harmony with each other in order for a masterpiece to occur. It’s no wonder that we only achieve ideal health when our body, mind, and spirit find perfect peace and harmony with one another.

Massage therapy has risen above the term “alternative therapy”. Current day, it’s a vital part of the health care practices of many people living in today's stress-heavy world.

Traditional healthcare facilities throughout North America are finally recognizing the important therapeutic benefits that massage therapy lends its patients. Of late, massage therapy has become integral to the health care industry. It’s used to treat every patient imaginable – those with illnesses, chronic diseases, and also average people who are looking to attain a higher sense of well-being, and inner and outer harmony.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing and other energy therapies - such as energy work and energy healing - are based on the belief that the body has seven main energy centers along the spine which absorb and emit life force. These energy centers are referred to as chakras.

The easiest way to understand chakras is to equate each one to a life energy within the human body. Each of your chakras governs a specific function within your body, along with specific emotional issues associated with it. Take for example the solar plexus chakra, which affects digestion. If a blockage occurs in the solar plexus chakra, due to stress, other emotional issues or poor diet, the chakra can become blocked and it can cause gas, indigestion, constipation and all sorts of uncomfortable digestive issues. Mentally, the solar plexus chakra governs self-love and self-esteem, and is therefore involved with problems of indecisiveness, sensitivity to criticism and fear of rejection.