Friday, July 8, 2011

The Beautiful Belandingan Village

Perched on the east slope of mount Batur, Belandingan is a remote village, which is quite difficult to reach since the road to this village is bumpy. However, Belandingan worth every bit of your effort to reach it. Belandingan has beautiful panorama, unique culture and of course pollution-free and fresh air, even on the way to this village you can enjoy the beautiful views along the bumpy road.

Belandingan is located on a hilly area, make it suitable for jungle tracking and agro-tourism. Most of the inhabitant of Belandingan are farmers and their farms are usually far from their house so they made huts (pondok) in their farms and live there most of the time. They usually go back to their house when there is a temple ceremony in the village.

In addition to the picturesque view of the surrounding, Belandingan also has a unique traditional house architecture compare to other Balinese traditional house architecture. Belandingan’s traditional house is all-inclusive house, which its kitchen is intergrated into the house while other Balinese traditional house has seperated kitchen within the house compound. the Belandingan’s traditional house is almost enterily made of bamboo which is make it unique and eco-friendly.

In short, Belandingan is an interesting village that worth a visit.

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