Friday, July 8, 2011

2 Hours Special Packages from Baliwis Spa Nusa Dua

Spa Tranquility (2 Hours)
Packages Price 54 USD/person 

Packages included:
* Welcome Drink
* Balinese Massage
* Javanese Lulur
* Aroma Flower Bath
* Baliwis Spa gift.

The Temple of Evil - Dalem Peed

A great many mainland Balinese make the trip to Nusa Penida every 210 days for the odalan (temple anniversary) for Pura Dalem  Peed (this year the temple anniversary falls on Wednesday, September 8, 2010). This temple is the spookiest (“angker”) place in all of Bali. The temple complex is the really angker part of the whole island, the home of the dreaded Ratu Gede Nusa, spreader of the disease, evil, and patron saint of the leyak (witches) of Bali. The celebration is on Buda Cemeng Kelawu. The temple is the home of I Macaling, also known as Ratu gede, Ratu gede Nusa, or ratu Gede Macaling. “Macaling” comes from caling, Balinese for “fang.” Fangs are characteristic of animals, evil spirits, and the mask of “coarse” or keras characters in any sort of Balinese drama are invariably fanged.

The Beautiful Belandingan Village

Perched on the east slope of mount Batur, Belandingan is a remote village, which is quite difficult to reach since the road to this village is bumpy. However, Belandingan worth every bit of your effort to reach it. Belandingan has beautiful panorama, unique culture and of course pollution-free and fresh air, even on the way to this village you can enjoy the beautiful views along the bumpy road.