Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amoaras Spa New Price

Private villas are provided for all our treatment. These villas are set in a relaxed environment surrounded by beautiful lush gardens. The villas are also archetectualy built using traditional Balinese design.  Built in the same style as a Balinese Village, Amoaras Spa is a collection of exquisitely decorated villas, each surrounded by its own private garden.

Amoaras Spa has the best male and female therapists in town and they are willing to serve and indulge you. Pointed as the first spa in Bali, Amoaras is the place to be alone, or with someone with whom you want to share a moment of pampering and indulgence. The perfect place to be before or after the long hours of clubbing and bar- hopping or after an exhausting trip to Bali, the therapists will relax and refresh you, or relieve your jet lag. Amoaras clients are male and female business people, expatriates working in Bali, and tourists visiting the island.

 Exclusive Packages
    Ritual Package (3, 5 Hours) 721.500 IDR/person
    Honeymoon Package (6 Hours) 1.665.000 IDR/person
    After Sun Treatment (3 Hours) 610.500 IDR/person
    Trology Package (3 Hours) 610.500 IDR/person

Spa Treatments
    Amoaras Spa Massage (1 Hour) 274.170 IDR/person
    Amoaras Spa Massage (2 Hours) 427.350 IDR/person
    Aromatic Essential Massage (1 Hour) 294.150 IDR/person
    Aromatic Essential Massage (2 Hours) 488.400 IDR/person
    Natural Fresh Body Scrub (1 Hour) 216.450 IDR/person
    Facial Sari Ayu (1 Hour) 164.300 IDR/person
    Facial Biokos (1 Hour) 186.500 IDR/person
    Hair Creambath (1 Hour) 179.900 IDR/person
    Foot Massage (30 Minutes) 132.000 IDR/person
    Foot Massage (1 Hour) 177.600 IDR/person
    Hot Stone Massage (2 Hours) 499.500 IDR/person
    Reflexology (1 Hour) 183.150 IDR/person
    Manicure (1 Hour) 119.900 IDR/person
    French Manicure / Flowers Hair Art (1 Hour) 153.200 IDR/person
    Pedicure (1 Hour) 133.200 IDR/person
    French Pedicure / Flowers Hair Art (1 Hour) 155.500 IDR/person
    Ear Candles (30 Minutes) 150.000 IDR/person

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