Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rei Spa a legacy of wellness

Rei was conceived from the vision to create a holistically motivated wellness facility that adheres to the positive principles of Feng Shui on the spiritually charged island of Bali. Inspired by the art of touch and the timeless rituals of a bygone era, Rei aims to rekindle interest in naturally sourced ingredients in the quest to enhance beauty and restore energy.
Seeking to go beyond the boundaries of the tropical spa experience, Rei is all about the journey of self awareness where radiance is ignited from within. A concise menu of treatments is focused on healthy lifestyle options to promote optimal wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Therapists at Rei have been extensively tutored in the basic philosophy of traditional healing, the power of reiki and other alternative practices such as nutrition and the benefits of homemade herbal elixirs. Every treatment is delivered from the heart with personalized service and gracious Balinese hospitality forming the core elements of the Rei code of ethics.

Our Facilities
Rei has been designed as a stylish Balinese compound that is composed of a thatched reception pavilion cum relaxing lounge environment. There are four double villas, each one a private retreat that evokes the senses through an aesthetically appealing d├ęcor and full length glass windows to create a seamless effect that embraces the outdoors. Every villa is fully air-conditioned for comfort and features a generous bathtub and outdoor rain shower for indulging bathing rituals.

Our Product
Rei is passionate about the use of natural ingredients in all of its body and beauty products. Each individual ingredient has been carefully chosen for its soothing qualities and ability to help maintain the equilibrium that seems to be the essential key to good health. Locally sourced herbs and spices have been have been used for centuries throughout the Indonesian archipelago to heal and preserve beauty both inside and out. Rei has developed an exclusive facility that invites patrons to experience the enriching rituals that are based on Bali’s unique legacy of wellness.

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