Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jasmine Aromatic House

Jasmine Aromatic House, established in 2000, have been giving their best service to their customers for 10 years. Customer's satisfaction has become the main priority since their inception in 2000. Hence, a lot of effort has been done to improve the company's service; for example, staff training.

They are an internationally recognized spa on Bali. Their facilities and resources are excellent. Skillful therapists, large area, clean and convenience place, and excellent and natural products are among the many things they have to offer. In addition, they have loyal customers.

Jasmine Aromatic House can give you more than just relaxing and refreshing your body. Furthermore, they can give you an extraordinary way to reduce fatigue and stress and to pamper yourself.

Visiting Jasmine Aromatic House while having your vacation in Bali should give you a memorable experience.

* total capacity 52 beds (10 single rooms and 21 double rooms)
* large, clean, and convenient lobby/waiting room
* pickup service for minimum 2 people (around Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Jimbaran, and Legian areas)
* large parking area
* friendly and ready-to-help staff
* accept payment by cash or credit card
* complimentary ginger tea after massage
* clean, beautiful, and air-conditioned room
* Mezzanine area to relax while having refreshment after treatment & shopping for Jasmine products & souvenir
* skillful therapist

Located on the heart of Kuta Area is conveniently situated only 5 km (2.5 miles) from the airport.
Directions :
    * From Ngurah Rai International Airport 5 km (2.5 miles) 5 minutes by car
    * From Kuta Beach 8 km (4 miles) 10 minutes by car
    * From Denpasar (city centre) 12 km (6 miles) 20 minutes by car
    * From Nusa Dua 10 km (5 miles) 15 minutes by car
    * From Legian Area 6 km (3 miles) 8 minutes by car
    * From Sanur 10 km (5 miles) 15 minutes by car
    * From Jimbaran 6 km (3 miles) 7 minutes by car

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