Monday, April 25, 2011

Rama Spa at Kuta Seaview Resort

Our values will direct and help us to shape the character of our approaches to relate and interact to our clients and among fellow co?workers.

* Respect
All of our actions must be based on respect for our invaluable clients and fellow co?workers.

* Responsibilit
We are responsible to each other and to our guests to live up to all of our values, vision and mission. Promises made are promises to be kept at all times.

* Teamwork
We believe that individual effort will be in vain without supports from others. When we work together and help each other as a team then everyone will succeed.

* Continuous Improvements
Service industry requires constant improvements and we believe that by keep on improving we will remain competitive in the market and help us to exceed guests’ satisfactions and create more opportunities for growth.

* Balance
Hard work and fun (not casual) must be well? collaborated in order to create a pleasant experience for our guests and a dynamic and enjoyable working experience for the workers.

* To create a unique and unforgettable spa experience that the guests treasure and what their relatives and friends to share.
* To be a spa that is healthy to the guests and friendly to the environment.
* To be a benchmark among the Spas in Bali.
* To create an employee’s experience that is a source of pride and fulfillment.
* To create a highly successful enterprise that stands the test of time.

To exceed guests’ expectations everyday with a spa experience that relaxes and rejuvenates their body, mind and soul in an environment that is as comfortable and welcoming as their own home.

Spa Cuisines
All dishes are prepared with health in mind. Cooking method and ingredients are carefully chosen to present a tasty food that helps you to maintain your well being.

Tray 1 Skin Food
* Fresh carrots and tomatoes juice
* Chill carrots consomme "Vichy" style
* "Papillote Cressi" in foiled aluminium paper
* Steam Sea Fish of the day and Julienne of Carrots
* Agar-Agar of fresh carrots and fresh mint

Tray 2 Detox
* Iced Gold Green Tea
* Bulgarian Entremet : Low fat yogurt with chopped cucumber
* Garlic and fresh mint
* Poultry Kebab Grilled with no Fat and Roasted garlic "Confit"
* Poached Pear in Tamarin juice with low fat sorbet

Tray 3 Full Strenght
* Cold low fat milk mixed with fresh coconut
* White Cold Entremet Flo Style
* Low Fat yogurt with chopped green apples, spinach and nuts, salt, pepper and fresh mint
* Poultry's Breast, steam cooked braised greeneries Ricotta with mint dressing.

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