Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Menu from Adi Spa Nusa Dua

Spa therapies at ADI SPA take a holistic approach of treating the body, mind and spirit as one. They are based on the principle of balance within the body and with nature. It is our fundamental belief that the inner and outer harmony of a person must be balanced for good health. The architecture is traditional, the ambience is natural, the service is impeccable.

About Us
Is a sanctuary filled with temptations for the body and soul. Allow the pressures of everyday life to melt away as you enter a world of exotic indulgences. Experience the true Asian touch at the hands of your therapist and begin your journey into pure bliss.

Our serene, tranquil environment creates an effortless transition into total relaxation, allowing you to surrender to the experience and embrace the healing energies.…. a perfect spiritual retreat for a half or full day program. Re-enter the world fresh, revitalized and at peace.

Special Packages
Bali Harmony (3 Hours) 90.00 USD/person
Sunburn Body Recover (2 Hours) 65.00 USD/person
Total Body Bliss (3 Hours) 90.00 USD/person
Body Indulgence (3 Hours) 90.00 USD/person
Slimming Body Wrap (3,5 Hours) 110.00 USD/person
Spa Spirit (3,5 Hours) 110.00 USD/person
Escape To Paradise (3,5 Hours) 135.00 USD/person
Day Of Beauty (4 Hours) 130.00 USD/person
Ayurvedic Healing (4 Hours) 145.00 USD/person
Best of Adi Relaxation Set (4 Hours) 145.00 USD/person
Adi Sweet Memories Set (3 Hours) 125.00 USD/person
Adi Shirodara Set (3 Hours) 120.00 USD/person
Adi Fantastic Set (3 Hours) 135.00 USD/person
Adi Traditional Slimming (3 Hours) 135.00 USD/person
Ratus Yoni Wangi Package (4 Hours) 155.00 USD/person
Wine Beer Bali Harmony Package (5 Hours) 195.00 USD/person
Adi Ritual Herbal Package (5 Hours) 195.00 USD/person

Treatments Service
Massage - Hot Stone Massage (1 Hour) 35.00 USD/person
Massage - Javanese Lulur (2 Hours) 65.00 USD/person
Massage - Aromatherapy Massage (1 Hour) 35.00 USD/person
Massage - Balinese Massage (1 Hour) 35.00 USD/person
Massage - Reflexology (1 Hour) 35.00 USD/person
Ayurvedic - Shirodara (1 Hour) 45.00 USD/person
Ayurvedic - Abhyanga (1 Hour) 45.00 USD/person
Ayurvedic - Massage (1 Hour) 45.00 USD/person
Signature - Ratus Yoni Wangi (2.5 Hours) 75.00 USD/person
Salon - Creambath (1 Hour) 35.00 USD/person
Ayurvedic - Facial (1 Hour) 55.00 USD/person
Wine / Beer Spa (2 Hours) 70.00 USD/person
Shiatsu (1 Hour) 35.00 USD/person
Traditional Slimming Massage (90 Minutes) 55.00 USD/person

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